Ako of Project Ako

Project Ako is a set of 4 “old school” anime movies, one of the first i ever saw, and Ako was my first anime love.

The Project Ako movies are nothing but slapstick, making fun of itself and all of the anime (and quite a few movies and comics) of it’s time. It had been intended to be a hentai, but after realizing how incredibly stupid and humorous they could make it, they just ran with it.

Take a school girl with superpowers, one that’s a sweet idiot, an obsessed fangirl, cross dressing alcoholic aliens, city destroying mechas, and deadly box lunches, and you have Project Ako.

This was my friend Heidi’s idea, and I was all over it before she
finished her sentence. She was Bko, and Elizabeth (fatwetdog) was
our adorable Cko. All of these photos were taken by the talented
Laura of Just-a-dream.net, and i’m so grateful we all pulled this silliness together.


A lot of these images are a little big, but making them smaller almost took away from them a little. Laura did beautiful work! We started with just a few shots to show our costumes!

I felt silly in this, but after getting these pics back, i think i want to wear this again!!

I started off getting a little defensive right away.

Showing off my super strength. 
Like she’s heavy!  Bko isn’t happy.

As usual, Cko is in the middle and doesn’t 
really get what is going on.

Then we started 
catfighting. It’s all downhill 
from here.

I told you. Just…downhill.

Ok, now it just looks like 
rapetime. It was hard to stop laughing for this!

And for a while we just re-enacted the show and beat on each other.

…. and beat on each other.

…. and beat on each other.

I love this shot, silly as it is, it’s 
just SO Project Ako.

My favorite shot of them all.