AmeComi Batgirl

DC Direct came out with a line of wonderful original statues, admittedly some were better than others, but of course Batgirl (the 2nd version they produced) was my favorite.

I really wanted to make a costume of it, but sadly it just doesn’t work as well in photos as the figure, I was pretty proud of it overall, but the textures of the black on black just don’t show up in photographs. The batarangs were carved by Matt!

Ah well, it was fun to make, and I love my statue of it so much! And I hate putting eyelets into spandex. SO much.


This was a progress photo that I had taken and posted on my Deviant Art account months ago. I’m including it
here because (frustratingly) it shows the different textures in the pvc vs spandex better than the photos where I have the cape on.

Perhaps the costume will grow on me, I certainly don’t hate it. I just
basically feel that the mass of the black cape overwhelms the entire costume, and hides so much of the work!

I can’t say for now if this will be coming to a convention with me or not, at this point. There’s things about it I love, and other things I’m not crazy about. I love all my little details, perhaps a shoot in brighter light will make me feel differently.



I have retired and sold this costume!