Amelia from Trigun: Badlands Rumble

 F inally, more Trigun! The Trigun movie (which has been released in Japan as of now, but not the US) is called Badlands Rumble, and if you get the chance to go see it in theaters, DO!! Much like the Cowboy Bebop movie, it is set in between episodes in the middle of the series chronologically, so we get just another fun romp with the characters.

And finally, another strong female in the series WHO ISN’T JUST TRYING TO KILL VASH. About time, guys.

Amelia is awesome, badass and on a mission, but still feminine in her own way. As I’ve said a million times, I LOVE red hair. Plus, I have a friend (Kyle!) who does an amazing Vash the Stampede, so it was great to get together for pics!

Worn to Akon 2011!

Amelia HATES to be touched by men. HATES it.Especially Vash,though I think he does grow on her.

Quit creepin, yo.

Seriously, quit creepin.


Thank you Kyle, for being willing to wear Vash!