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April 12, 2020

Updated with lots of new commissions! Updating with new personal galleries soon!

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in lots of close ups, progress pics, and videos showing commission details, check out

my Instagram (lots more photos in general, there!)


December 28, 2019

As usual, I’ve been far busier posting every day on Twitter and Instagram, so weeks (or months, oops) go by before I update the website. But LOTS of new updates: 4 new cosplays added to the cosplay gallery! Also adding a few more commissions, soon!

Lily of Death

This was an original design! Based on a beautiful piece of art by the very
talented Mattinata_Wai, I fell in love with the design immediately & knew
I wanted to make it! Honestly she has so many incredible designs it was
hard to choose one, I may make another in the future!
The underskirt is silk, the main body is midnight taffeta shot black. The ruffle
sleeves were the most intimidating part, but turned out to be pretty easy to
put together!
All photos by Rob Somers Photo!










Galadriel ~ Lord of the Rings

I have been wanting to make a Galadriel for years, and now that I’m finally back in an area with
perfect forests for shooting such costumes, I figured it was time! That and a friend encouraged
me to finally make it, which is usually all it takes!
I decided to make her dress from the Hobbit movie: Battle of the Five Armies. I love her net overlay
dress, and the crown she wears in that one. The main body of the dress is dupioni silk, I dyed the
roots of the wig to be a slight shade darker blonde for a more realistic, natural color. All photos
here were shot by Rob Somers Photo!

Kalifa from One Piece



Another One Piece gal, so many women in OP are so perfect.
Except Kalifa.
Kalifa is a badass, but she’s also such a dumb bitch. I love how stupid she is, she is so serious but
can’t hide for long that she’s just…dumb. Ah well, sexy dumb bitch time!
I made this one out of nothing but scrap fabrics I had, so it was just a fun one to make and shoot!
All photos by Rob Somers Photo!


Autumn Fawn

This was just a fun one I decided to make, I had considered bringing it to a RenFaire in the fall but ended up going with something much more comfortable. It was once my Spring Fawn, but I just did some alterations and changed it up to get a little more use out of the costume!
All photos by Rob Somers Photography!


Deedlit, from Record of Lodoss War!

Deedlit is one of those characters I always wanted to do, but also just never made it a priority over other things I wanted to make.

Thankfully my friend Sunset Dragon decided to sell hers, and while I had to make my own green dress, boots, & repaint the armor some, it allowed me to make this SUPER fast and get a gorgeous shoot in, thanks to Rob Somers Photography!

Flowerstorm King Danaan

I have been a fan of Berserk for years, Casca was a costume I did over 10 years ago. I had my eye on a few new costumes from it I considered doing, but then I saw this one and HAD to make it.

Flowerstorm Fairy King Danaan. As of when I made this costume, no color images of her existed, only the manga images. I created my own color palate, and hand made every piece of the costume from the wings, hand dying the wig, to the staff (that lights up, though you can’t see it in these images much)! And after loading something like 17 wings onto my body for this shoot, I realized I was NEVER gonna wear this again!

But, thanks to Rob Somers photography helping me transport this and put it all on in the forest, we got shots that I’m extremely happy with!