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Zeronis Elsa


I thought this was the coolest original take on Elsa I had ever seen, it was done by the artist Zeronis.

I made it in 2016, and decided I hated it on me. I put it away for almost a year, then found it again. I knew I wasn’t ever going to wear it to a convention, but I decided to at least try to take some pics privately to show I made it.

I set up all kinds of lighting in my spare room and got this image, then added snow and the little gem thingy with photoshop. Photoshop hates me now and we broke up, but I have one image for the result, at least to prove I made it! 😉


Right after the pics, I put this in the garbage. BYE!!




Captain Phasma ~ Star Wars The Force Awakens


My Captain Phasma costume: Progress & Fixes to Come

This costume has been such an undertaking, & I still have so far to go. But I’m really glad I took it on, & am looking forward to doing all the work I have left on it! This pic was taken at DragonCon by Robby Idol Photography , if anyone knows the Finn, please let me know so I can tag him!

So far:
Let’s start with the fabric parts? I used a thick, heavy lycra, & made the gaskets from piped PVC. I put industrial velcro on certain places on the bodysuit to hold on & secure a few of the armor pieces from moving/sliding, but they were not weight bearing (the armor was much too heavy for velcro). The gloves are separate pieces. The cape is really heavy, has the appropriate pockets and straps on it, and goes on with hidden industrial velcro. I did rubberize the cape fabric, but I don’t want to go into how because it wasn’t something I would recommend anyone actually do, I made myself sick & will not be responsible for someone repeating my mistakes.
The armor. First off, it’s flexible fiberglass. It was part of an original kit, an experiment. I realize now why Stormtroopers always use vacu-formed plastic, it’s incredibly light & shapeable…this set of armor alone weighs 60 pounds!! It was made for an enormous male, someone over 6’ and over 200 pounds. I had to first start out with trying as many alterations as I could. I removed inches from the circumference of the upper arms, upper torso, & upper thighs. I had to spray Plastidip first inside of all of the armor, as the fiberglass was shedding a bit (as rough fiberglass will), & was itching/making me crazy. Sealing the inside made it easier to handle. Then I primed all of the armor using auto paint primer, since it’s made to adhere to fiberglass without reacting & seals it. A few coats + sanding & filling, priming. I then attached inside a harness system I made for myself, most of the armor weight hangs from my shoulders all the way down to my knees. I also glued pieces of EVA Foam inside of a lot of the armor since it was so big, kept it from rattling around me like a bell! Then I spray painted it with a chrome paint, & waxed it.
The helmet I screwed up on a few times, of all pieces, & had to sand/repaint the thing 4 times. And it’s not done. Inside the helmet I added the plastic visor to hide my eyes, a fan for cooling/air, & a voice box so my voice carries outside the helmet, otherwise no one could hear me at all!
The part I hated the most: all the little finger pieces. Between sanding and shaping, priming and painting, & gluing them to the gloves…I hate finger armor, now. Hate it.

Stuff left to fix/redo (this is gonna be long & costly)
If I am able to do it, I need to take a LOT of the armor in even more. It’s just too big. Way too big.
I need to distribute the weight onto wide cushions for my shoulders instead of all on 2 thin straps, it wrecked my shoulders at the con!
NEW PAINT. I was initially happy with the chrome paint I used, but as with most store-purchased chrome paints, you really HAVE to seal them. So I did but the wax causes the chrome to die down to a silver. NOT what I wanted. I am eyeing up/experimenting with ordering new chromes, though some are really pricey and will just have to wait. I have time.
The belt: The boxes on the belt are far too heavy. There’s no need for them to also be fiberglass, I’ll be making foam ones.
I may remake some of the shin pieces from foam. The fiberglass was very heavy & weighed onto my ankles, which hurt.
The shoes. The shoes were a last minute emergency stand in, I hated them. Will be replaced.
I need to alter the thighs after resizing, they cut up too high IMO (& I’m really leggy, who is this made for???) & make smaller shoulders.
I’m sure there’s more.
Special thanks to the awesome dude who brought me my little piece of heel armor after it came off in the crowd, you’re a hero!!
I wasn’t able to wear her long for the first time, but I did find a really fantastic & fun group of Force Awakens cosplayers at the con, & we had a really nice time getting pics & talking. I was really happy I met them, honestly I wish I had gotten their names. But I am honestly glad I took this on and saw it through, & look forward to working on it between other costumes over the next few months to make it really what I want!

More pics once I do all of the changes/repairs that I plan on doing over the winter!


Zeronis Elsa



I can finally say I got a pic in this costume, right before it went in the trash. ​Photohop and I broke up after this.

I set this photo up in a spare room in my house! I used black fabric for a wall backdrop. I know I’m not very good at special effects, but I wanted to give it a try! Added snow, some lighting, and a glowy gem thingy! I also removed the little stick that held my crown above my head!

For lighting, I hung 6 strings of blue LEDs, which ended up in the garbage when I learned quite a few of them no longer worked (but at least enough for this pic)! I also ended up throwing out most of this costume. I’ve had it for so long, never been super happy with it, and finally pushed myself into one shoot. I did it. Now it’s gone, BYEBYE. But I’m glad I finally pushed myself.

I made the costume from mostly spandex (blue metallic and silver), all of the hard armor parts were Worbla. I made this when I had very little experience with Worbla, so there were a lot of mistakes made as I learned. The tights were a sheer sparkle spandex mesh, and I hand painted on the design which pretty much is invisible in this lighting, but whatever. The underbust corset is boned and laces up the back.

Obviously I used my original Elsa wig, but it was a big mess, I had to completely comb everything out of it and start styling it from scratch. The bangs in this version are also a little messier than my other Elsa. The crown stood from a small support on a headband. I also learned that armor with clawed fingers makes no sense. You can’t do ANYTHING with clawed armor fingers.

This costume was based on one of the Elsa designs by the artist Zeronis!





Jarael ~ Knights of the Old Republic



I wanted (yet another) new Star Wars costume to wear to Celebrations 2017, so I went with the pretty Knights of the Old Republic elf-looking gal, Jarael!

I airbrushed myself for it, hand painted on the tattoos. I put together her Electroshock staff using a lightsaber, built on top of it, and painted it to be wood-grain.

I may do more of her outfits in the future, she has so many!!

Hopefully I get more pics, I barely have ANY from Celebrations!! I’m mostly just posting this to remind myself to post more pics after a shoot, since I tend to forget to update my website with costumes that are only found on my Instagram! D:





Morticia Addams ~ The Addams Family


Gomez and Morticia are role models, a shining example of a loving, devoted couple.
Fight me.

I made Morticia from a beautiful textured fabric I found, added sequined fabric on the sleeves, neck, and base of the legs, and black crystals all over the dress! Robby Idol was my Gomez, he was perfect!



For now I only have selfies, convention, and party photos from wearing this costume, hopefully I get some really nice ones at a point in the future!







Punk Utena

This was based on an illustration by @jingles.pigtails, as soon as I saw it I wanted to make this! Yet another Utena cosplay, and probably not my last!

All of the fabric for this costume was generously sponsored by, from the Yaya Han brocade collection!! <3 I’m loving all of the fabrics I’ve tried from them so far, SUPER fast shipping, and the staff is really communicative and sweet!

I loved the idea of using the brocades for a punk Utena design, she’s such a prince and the brocades gave so much texture! The coat is the black & gold Imperial brocade, the shorts are Vampire Red, the white is the Imperial white on white, which I airbrushed “flannel” type stripes onto. Lots of studs and spikes, and I sewed 2 wigs together for the enormous Jem-style hair! I honestly can’t wait to wear this to a con, I’d love to get a whole Punk RGU group together!







All of these photos in the gallery so far were taken by Robby Idol Photography!

This is just a selfie I took before the shoot but I do love it 😉














Sale post March 2018

I figured this would be an easy way to collect all the info in one place! These items are for sale, will be marked when sold.
Paypal only, NO HOLDS.

A 34 oz container of Instamorph moldable plastic, though I may have used like an ounce playing with it? There’s a piece inside where I mushed some beads together, which can be heated/shaped into anything else you want!














Comes with original box and display stand!































Extremely hard to find DVD collection, entire series of Princess Tutu!
$37, free ship lower continental US!














Batman: Dark Knight BluRay Trilogy set!
Pretty self explanatory!
$18, free ship lower continental US













Firefly/Serenity entire series set DVDs
Also self explanatory!










Set of Hot Topic Exclusive My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Applejack & Big Mac
Both have boxes, sold as set!
$45 free ship lower continental US






Rare Hot Topic Exclusive Princess Luna glitter My Little Pony FIM figure
Pretty princess pony ;.;











Matching Hot Topic Exclusive Princess Celestia Figure
Luna’s sister!










San Diego Comic Con Excluive SEALED 2012 Ditzy Doo/Derpy My Little Pony
Poor little cross eyed poni
$50 free ship lower continental US





























Tiger & Bunny poseable figures
$12 free ship lower continental US















Fate/Stay Night Saber gashapon Figure w stand
$7 free ship lower US















Thick stretch lycra, zip, airbrushed the hex pattern on the side fabric.
Approx measurements: 36, 26, 36 (lots of stretch)
Includes: Bodysuit, hat, gloves, wrist armor









Originally made by Katie Zan, I remade the torso out of thick, soft lycra. Satin parts are heavy bridal satin.
Approx measurements: 36, 26, 36 (stretch)
Includes: Gloves, bow, fuku, choker, shoes (US 9)

Made for a friend, been worn 2 times I believe. In fantastic condition, heavyweight costume. Fits a mens medium.
Includes: Repoman coat with patches, straps to latch butchers gloves onto (butchers gloves with Repo patches also included). Custom openings for heavy belt (included). Heavyweight belt also has 2 small pockets. 31w x 30″ inseam Italian soft black leather pants also included. Helmet has blue LEDs built into it, powered by batteries (not included).
Price: $565 free ship (lower US 48 only, email for shipping rates outside of this)




































Includes: Skirt with underlayer of white, elastic waist. Sequin bra, underbust bodice. Small jacket with epaulettes on shoulders, gloves, leggings, hat. Decorative gold buttons were all hand made/cast.
Approx measurements: 36, 26, 36
Price: $165 free ship (lower US 48 only, email for shipping rates outside of this)































A simple One Piece skirt I made myself, I made the waist too big so it’s never been worn outside of these selfies! Suspenders button in the front, red casa satin, all Straw Hats satin stitched around skirt.
Price: $35 free ship (lower US 48 only, email for shipping rates outside of this)


Just a pair of boots I bought, they were supposed to be 9’s, fit small, much more like 8! Never worn!

A beautiful deep red 2 PC renaissance gown, purchased for a ren-faire, worn once only (washed of course).
Includes: Long skirt with elastic waist, bodice that laces up the front.
Approximate size: 36 bust, 26 waist (obviously flexible with front lacing). White undershift not included, just for show.
Price: $135 free ship (lower US 48 only, email for shipping rates outside of this)

NoFlutter Sailor Galaxia
This costume was based on NoFlutter’s beautiful original design for Sailor Galaxia, from Sailor Moon!
— Fabric used was the 2 tone dupioni gold/white from CosplayFabrics
— 4 tiered skirt, longest layer has hand affixed crystals, other 3 layers have different sized gold trim with rhinestones and mirror beading all along it. There are red ribbons and chiffon panels that hang down.
— The corset laces up the back, has a modesty panel, boned. Has smaller gold rhinestone/mirror trimming on top and bottom, ruffle accents. Chiffon for the collar and drapes around the arms. Gemstone on the bodice in rainbow reds and orange colors.
— Fingerless gloves with gold mirror and rhinestone trimming, red/orange gem accents.
— Custom made thigh high boots (9W), gold trim rhinestone accents with gems at the top.
Approx measurements: 36, 26, 36
Price: $550 free ship (lower US 48 only, email for shipping rates outside of this)