Bathtub Eva

I love my friends Gi and Laurie SO much. We first met doing Evangelion cosplay: me in Misato, and they in Rei and Asuka. For AUSA we wanted
to do alternate versions of our characters, and as a joke, i sent them the girls in bathtubs, official Gainax resin model soap dishes.

Bless their hearts: they said, “Let’s do it”.

And so 3 Rubbermaid tubs, 3 towels, and 6 cans of spraypaint later, we have GHETTO BATHTUB COSPLAY.

And had the time of our lives. Because,truly, cosplay is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Here we are donning our complex costumes.

Getting into character:

Eurobeat King pushes Laurie into place, which is apparently very traumatic.

We tried to look serious. This didn’t last long…

A few more Rei’s and Asuka’s find us, and somehow 
Jessie (AnimeAngel) ends up in the middle!

After that, EVERYONE had to get in a  tub. They became a meeting grounds, and sure enough, that dang pirate found us again. <3

Penpen also attracted some ladies.

Claire (FinalMemories) did a drop in, i love this girl so much!

Gendo’s a freakin pimp. Awww, yeah.

A pimp who gets around….

…and approves of my beer!!

I think EVERYONE was in my tub at some point. Mer is adorable.

The secret is out….i had White Russians stashed in my tub.

Gi and Laurie make any con more fun. They’re gorgeous.

Penpen is a piratey whore.

Alright…if you’ve read all the way down this page, you’ve earned this…

Our tub cosplay seemed to naturally degenerate into COSPLAY TUB RACES.

And we went ALL THE WAY around the lobby.With security chasing us.

I think this might be the highlight of my cosplay ‘career’.


Damn right, Micheal and I won!

Just don’t ask…

Jessie and Gi snuck this shot, i have no idea when.
Yes, we had clothes on.

I was honestly pretty nervous about doing this, i mean, it IS just rediculous. But because of friends like Gi, Laurie, Matt, Micheal, Eurobeat King, Jess, Chibi, and more, i feel i am surrounded by people who really don’t take themselves too seriously, and know that life is short and wonderful.

I love my friends so much. Thank you guys for an idiotic, wonderful time!