Belldandy from Ah! Megamisama, Bunnygirl

So I love Belldandy, and I have the worst soft spot for bunnygirls and maids. I can’t help it. When I saw this figure of Bell dressed as a Playboy bunny, I fell in love so badly. I want to get one of these kits to make!!

However, all of the pictures I saw of kits other people had put together had her painted in black, white, and red. Those are sexy, but I wanted to go with the beautiful shade of blue Belldandy wears most often.

I dont think Bell ever dressed like this in the manga or series, but seriously who would complain about this figure? Of course they gave the model HUGE boobies, Bell isn’t built like that, but that’s ok, neither am I LOL I hate making bunnygirl suits. These are so hard. But worth it :3


These photos were taken by theĀ 
wonderful Jason@i360 at Katsu’13!

I’ll definitely be wearing this again sometime.
Because bunnygirls.