Boa Hancock from One Piece

I have somehow been sucked into the One Piece obsession, having started it about a year ago. It quickly became one of my top 3 favorite anime/manga of all time. I had a hard time giving it a fair chance, not liking the art at first and was under the impression it was for children. It’s so much more than that, and I can see why it’s the top selling anime and manga worldwide, now.  Boa Hancock is probably one of my top two favorite females from the series at this point.

At first she comes off as kind of mean, but then you get her back story and it makes perfect sense why she behaves the way she does. She was basically treated as a slave/sex object her whole life, so her Devils Fruit power is the ability to turn people to stone who see her as sexual (thus her connection to Medusa/being a gorgon). She falls in love with Luffy because he is literally the ONLY person (other than her sisters) she has ever met who doesn’t see her in a sexual light at all, just as a good person (proven by the fact that she can’t turn him to stone…I seriously think Luffy is asexual). She’s incredibly strong, and overcame lots of awful things, became a Shichibukai (the only female one!), building an empire and saying “FU” to the navy when she wants. And she is very sweet, kind, and defensive to those that she loves. She has a LOT of depth for a female character, something very rare in shows geared towards guys and especially in women designed to be viewed as sexual objects.

I could write an essay. I LOVE Boa so much!!!!

These photos were all taken by Robby Idol Media. I hope to get a lot more this DragonCon!





I was able to have a big One Piece gathering at Megacon ’15, everyone looked phenomenal!! It was awesome!!

I had a wonderful group get together at Dragoncon! All of these photos were taken by LJinto!
Boa Hancock: myself
Enel: Robby Idol Media (I made his pants!)
Luffy: Malindachan
Zoro: Ex-Shadow
Sanji: DoubleCompile
Sugar: C2 Cosplay
Nico: Rue the Day Cosplay

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