Cammy from Street Figher IV

df44f018d7334193a9d2e33f84362eee-d3n7vhmThis has always been my favorite outfit of Cammy’s, I’m sure that’s just because I love military inspired clothes and Bisons outfit is so great (red uniform)!!

Basically, everything on my body (legs, arms, torso, and hat) are all from the Yaya Han pleather collection, I really love this stuff! It’s more breathable and comfortable than I expect from most stretch pleather!

The brim of the hat is worbla covered in PVC. Robby Idol and I both made the armor, as I was desperate for help since I only had a few days to finish it before I wore it to MomoCon! It’s all foam, so cheap and light! The bolts on the legs are painted right onto the tights, though they snagged, I may just paint my legs for other cons? Depends on the con.

The skulls were metal wings and plastic skulls that I glued together and backed with Worbla for strength, then painted and antiqued. The gold accessories (shoulders and belt buckle) started as foam layered for depth, then covered in Worbla. I left it rough so they looked a little beat up, then painted and antiqued them.

I debated using rigid collodion for my scar, but the last time I did that it actually hurt my skin…screw that, cosplay ain’t worth that XD Make up it is!
Photos by Robby Idol Photography
So that’s it, Bison Cammy!

Photos by Robby Idol Media!




I made Chibi a Bison to go with me a few months ago, and we got Robby Idol to take our photos!
Robby Idol also made Chibi’s armor pieces, he helped out so much putting this one together!

I love wearing this one and will be more! Prints of this are also available in my Etsy!