Captain Marvel

I loved wearing Ms. Marvel, and Carol Danvers has had a few more cool outfits that I was drawn to, but this one is SO nice. It’s such a good design, it seems like such strong colors and a powerful design.

I have to admit I took a lot of design liberties with this, based on a fanart I saw once that looked like a more ‘realistic’ version than a simple comic book costume. The red parts: gloves, boots, scarf and upper torso is all a metallic faux leather, the gold is a gold faux leather, and the blue is spandex with an added spandex fishnet over it for a lot more texture. I took a while to make this one just because I really wanted to make sure there was no topstitching at all on the gold parts.

I was really nervous about wearing this to DragonCon when I completed it, since it wasn’t 100% accurate I worried about people criticizing it, but everyone was actually incredibly supportive and excited about it. It meant so much to me, I’m so glad I did it, and plan to wear this one lots more!