Casca from Berserk

Berserk is an incredible, epic manga, I highly recommend it. But it is DARK and very adult.

I did this one for a friend. Chibi made Guts from Berserk, and being one of my best cosplay-friends, when he asked me to do this to wear with him, I jumped on! It didn’t take long to make, but I really can’t say I like it on me a lot. Chibi and I were constantly joking about the fact that we were both the ‘wrong’ color for our characters…Casca is rather dark, and Guts is pale… I’m sure cosplay nazi’s will be unamused, but we just have to laugh.

So serious!

Worn at Katsucon ’08.



This was my first attempt at making armor, and I did enjoy doing that a 
lot, I might be working on more in the future! This set of pictures was 
taken by BaldB*stard.

I made a few adjustments after these first pictures, I thought the 
sleeves looked too baggy in them, and the boots.

I can’t get used to black hair on me. I really think that’s 
the main reason I didn’t like this cosplay…the wig just…doesn’t work at all on me.

Casca’s ‘coloring’ and clothing change a LOT in the manga, 
so I went with this design, I liked the clothes the best.

Ollie of snapped these, one of the few 
pictures of my profile I didn’t dislike! The colors are nice in 
them, too!


Lionboogy took this, Chibi is just lookin all badass. He 
needs more blades. Seriously.Don’t ask about me there.

As usual with me and Chibi, there’s more 
shots of us playing around than posing. Here, we traded swords. He does not approve.

Here, it’s hard to tell if we’re being in character, or being ourselves. Things are always stressful getting ready for a shoot, and 
we can be very “GRRR”, but things always fall into place and we have a ball. Love you, Chibis!!  I belive Chris of Ronin Photography 
snapped these when we were goofing off!

I saved this horrible picture of us for last. Because it’s hilariously horrible. 
With me talking my head off, and Chibi’s wincing…its glorious.

Also, God bless my friend Lionel for waiting 3 days for us to get the armor and put Chibi together, he has 
the patience of a saint. I have the best friends on Earth.