My latest costume was a pretty different style than i’m used to: the Cassandra Cain version of Batgirl. Its pretty dark and disturbing, but i LOVE her character.

These nice pics were taken by Bald B*stard! Special thanks to certain business owners who let me run around on their roofs!

The rain made these shots awesome (and cold!!)

These pics were just snapped at PitCon and Dragoncon!

Batgirl and Blade…

Adam Hughes, incredible artist and incredibly 
fun guy…he’s a real hoot XD

Damned clowns get alot of spotlight…

A HUUUGE highlight of this con for me was meeting Scott McDaniel….and look what i got 
him to sign!! MY BUTT.

I went to stand in his line, and he got so excited he pulled me up ahead of the line  (which i was worried about, but all the guys seemed excited, too!) and was happy to sign my belt!! He was also pretty impressed i stayed mute!

I came back with the hood off later to chat with him, he’s SOOOO nice…its WONDERFUL  when you meet artists and they don’t let you down!!

This is Kane Hodder…he’s a freaking tree of a man, who managed to make me feel  short ;.; He played Jason Vorhees, but in reality is SOOO nice and kind! 😀

What did i just say about feeling short?? WAHH its wierd!!


Roar! I stalk the con!!

This is Marc Singer, the “Beastmaster”. He was SOOO friendly…everyone 
loved him. Somehow i refrained from asking him if he had his ferrets.

Some things never change…