CASTER from Fate/Stay Night

Caster is the second character from Fate/Stay night i have done. Again, while the anime isn’t that great, the characters themselves were written with amazing back stories and killer outfits and props…a cosplayers dream!

Caster is another heroic spirit, brought back to life in modern times to fight again. In her past life she was Medea, though written to be more of a victim of circumstance than evil. She has been pulled into a game she never wanted, and while she is generally shy and softspoken, she can be brutal when needed. She casts spells and uses “Rule Breaker”, her knife, as her most powerful weapons.

A friend talked me into taking this one on, and i’m really grateful now. I love and hate this costume for the same reason…the surreal amount of CRAP it involves. I finished this one unbelievably fast, and only 2 days before the convention.



I wore Caster to Ohayocon 2006, but never got any shots of it taken outside of the convention setting until now, May 2008. Pookles took these pictures, i am very happy with them!


I wore Caster to Ohayocon 2006, just a few shots from it~


This was just an impulse shot we took quickly, looking like the cover of Silent Mobius….next time I’ll try to do that better and not so rushed!


I need to wear her to another convention sometime!!

Finally got some winter photos of her, I’ve always wanted to!

Taken in January 2010~

I’m pretty sure when she puts the hood up, it means she’s about to beat some ass. Seems to be the pattern…

Poor Caster…all she’s ever wanted is love, and instead she’s always dyin’ and crap…

I couldn’t decide which of these photos I liked more, so have both…

I want to wear her to a convention again sometime, but I’m happy with having enough pictures of this costume, finally!