War Rig – Fury Road

“Where must we go… we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?”
Mad Max-Fury Road: War Rig is DONE & ready to roll to DragonCon!

This costume (as silly as being a truck is) is really special to me, I put so much love into it. Fury Road is a movie that is REALLY important to me, I got hit with a design for the War Rig while listening to the soundtrack, immediately sketched it a few times, & began collecting stuff to make it. I REALLY wanted to fit it all on and get some test shots before DC, so a big thanks to Rob Somers Photography for fitting in a FAST shoot at a construction digging site we ninja’d onto for this!!!

I tried to make sure every part of it tied in with the truck in some way, and also tied in some aspects of Furiosa since they are an inseparable force during the movie:
•Boots are obviously the thick treaded tires. Added the spikes to the toes, heels, & thighs bc the tires have the harsh metal defensive spikes on the rims
•Full ballgown style train 7 feet long to emulate the long trailer of the truck, rust colored dupioni silk (which hurt to burn & cut holes into), lined in a sheer chiffon black equally tattered.
•On the train I added spiraling tattered rust & black trails that replicate the way the metal jagged spirals around the trailer of the truck.
•Cow Catcher! Obviously the cow catcher that sits in the very front of the WR was the “corset”, I made this from foam and thibra!
•The belt is Furiosa’s belt, Immortan Joe’s emblem with the chains that hang from it.
•For the boobs I went with a chrome texture that got as close to the perforated chrome metal of the upper exhausts of the War Rig
•Right arm is her femur gear shift that has the rusted, rough blade hidden in it, easy to get to! 

•Left arm is the “Phantom skeleton arm” Furiosa herself painted on the War Rig as her missing left arm is a fixation of hers (stated in the creation of/artbooks)
•The groups of spikes & skulls on the front and rear ends of the trailer are worn on my shoulders and rump!
•The cowcatcher and spikes, as well as the belt buckle are all made of Thibra! I posted some how-tos along the way!
•I thought about doing no hair like Furiosa, but then realized that would bring the costume too close to her & ppl would think I’m doing a weird version of her entirely instead of the truck, so went with black chopped hair, with the chrome feathers on one ear to look a little like the tall exhausts on the top of the cab.
•There’s a few other little movie bonuses hidden on the costume hardcore fans will get. I’m so stupid happy with how this turned out and I kind of just want to make this my daily outfit.

These photos were taken by Rob Somers Photo at a construction site we found! All others were taken at DragonCon!

I love wearing this, it may be my favorite thing I’ve made. Definitely will be worn a lot more! 

Amilyn Holdo

I don’t know what I enjoyed more: Holdo’s character, or how much Holdo’s character made a lot of Star Wars fanboys mad. I thought she was a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe, and I loved her and Leia together!

I loved making this, I made a matching one for a great friend to wear with me, and since then I’ve made a lot of them on commission! I hand dyed and styled myself. These pics are by Rob Somers Photography!






I love wearing this so much, WILL be shooting lots more!

Unicorn Knight

This is a costume called the “Unicorn Knight”, based on the artbook by the artist Sakizo, from her “Tarot” artbook. Obviously, this was her design for the Knight card, and I loved it so much!!

I wanted the armor to be really textured, as well as my shield. The armor is a mix of Thibra, foam, and Worbla. The wig is 2 Arda wigs I gradient dyed, with silk chiffon in blood red for the cape.

Honestly I really love this costume on me, I hope to wear it a LOT more!!

Photo by Ken AD

Photo by World of Gwendana

Photo by Rob Somers

Photo by WeNeals

Photo by KenAD

I’ll definitely be shooting this again!

Ryoko Battlesuit

Yup, another Ryoko costume! Can you tell how much I love this girl?

This is her battlesuit, I had wanted to make it for a long time but those shoulders are impossible and always scared me away. I just went with simple mutton shoulder patterns for this suit, and was really happy with the result!

I hope to get a lot more photos of this, this summer! These pics are by Rob Somers Photography taken at Katsucon 2018!




These pics were taken by Rob Somers photo, my friend Krys came for a visit and we finally got together to shoot Ryoko and Nagi together! We’ve been wanting to do this shoot for almost 10 years, it was so much fun to finally make it happen!!

This is not my first version of Ryoko, may not be my last. I love her so much.

Winter Fawn

Since I did a Spring Fawn, I had wanted to do a Winter fawn for a long time, but waited until I had a design come to mind I really wanted to do. This one was made of a base of thick non-sheen bridal satin, with layers and layers of yards of chiffon. The gold sequin was applique I pieced together and hand sewed on, the bodice laces up the back for the best fit. All of these photos were taken by Rob Somers!

Chrysalis Bunnysuit



This one was just a fun project! A friend of mine designed My Little Pony bunnygirls…I love Queen Chrysalis so much I made my own Chryssi bunnygirl, but then wasn’t able to go to the convention to see the group. Still, I liked the outcome, it matches the gown I made for Chryssi!











Evil Lyn ~ He-Man


A friend of mine sent me Sideshow’s He-Man collection online, and as soon as I saw Evil Lyn I knew I had to make her. Her design is SO GOOD, they did such a good job re-imagining her!!!

Unfortunately I decided it was time to make her one month before DragonCon. I spent my evenings and weekends banging this out! It’s a mix of foam, thibra, and worbla for the armor parts. I only changed one or two very minor things I didn’t like on the design, I’m super happy with it!

For the back I used temporary tattoos, I have how-tos available on my 100% free Patreon, should you want to make your own!

I got some great photos at DragonCon, then set up a private shoot with RobbyIdol where we did our best to recreate dramatic lighting like the figure has in the official Sideshow pics. I’m really stoked about the results!!



Zeronis Elsa


I thought this was the coolest original take on Elsa I had ever seen, it was done by the artist Zeronis.

I made it in 2016, and decided I hated it on me. I put it away for almost a year, then found it again. I knew I wasn’t ever going to wear it to a convention, but I decided to at least try to take some pics privately to show I made it.

I set up all kinds of lighting in my spare room and got this image, then added snow and the little gem thingy with photoshop. Photoshop hates me now and we broke up, but I have one image for the result, at least to prove I made it! 😉


Right after the pics, I put this in the garbage. BYE!!




Captain Phasma ~ Star Wars The Force Awakens


My Captain Phasma 

This costume has been such an undertaking, & I still have so far to go. But I’m really glad I took it on, & am looking forward to doing all the work I have left on it! This pic was taken at DragonCon by Robby Idol Photography 

So far:
Let’s start with the fabric parts? I used a thick, heavy lycra, & made the gaskets from piped PVC. I put industrial velcro on certain places on the bodysuit to hold on & secure a few of the armor pieces from moving/sliding, but they were not weight bearing (the armor was much too heavy for velcro). The gloves are separate pieces. The cape is really heavy, has the appropriate pockets and straps on it, and goes on with hidden industrial velcro. I did rubberize the cape fabric, but I don’t want to go into how because it wasn’t something I would recommend anyone actually do, I made myself sick & will not be responsible for someone repeating my mistakes.
The armor. First off, it’s flexible fiberglass. It was part of an original kit, an experiment. I realize now why Stormtroopers always use vacu-formed plastic, it’s incredibly light & shapeable…this set of armor alone weighs 60 pounds!! It was made for an enormous male, someone over 6’ and over 200 pounds. I had to first start out with trying as many alterations as I could. I removed inches from the circumference of the upper arms, upper torso, & upper thighs. I had to spray Plastidip first inside of all of the armor, as the fiberglass was shedding a bit (as rough fiberglass will), & was itching/making me crazy. Sealing the inside made it easier to handle. Then I primed all of the armor using auto paint primer, since it’s made to adhere to fiberglass without reacting & seals it. A few coats + sanding & filling, priming. I then attached inside a harness system I made for myself, most of the armor weight hangs from my shoulders all the way down to my knees. I also glued pieces of EVA Foam inside of a lot of the armor since it was so big, kept it from rattling around me like a bell! Then I spray painted it with a chrome paint, & waxed it.
The helmet I screwed up on a few times, of all pieces, & had to sand/repaint the thing 4 times. And it’s not done. Inside the helmet I added the plastic visor to hide my eyes, a fan for cooling/air, & a voice box so my voice carries outside the helmet, otherwise no one could hear me at all!
The part I hated the most: all the little finger pieces. Between sanding and shaping, priming and painting, & gluing them to the gloves…I hate finger armor, now. Hate it.

Special thanks to the awesome dude who brought me my little piece of heel armor after it came off in the crowd, you’re a hero!!

These photos were taken by Rob Somers photo, with Kylo Lyn as my amazing Kylo Ren!

Retired and sold!!

Zeronis Elsa



I can finally say I got a pic in this costume, right before it went in the trash. ​Photohop and I broke up after this.

I set this photo up in a spare room in my house! I used black fabric for a wall backdrop. I know I’m not very good at special effects, but I wanted to give it a try! Added snow, some lighting, and a glowy gem thingy! I also removed the little stick that held my crown above my head!

For lighting, I hung 6 strings of blue LEDs, which ended up in the garbage when I learned quite a few of them no longer worked (but at least enough for this pic)! I also ended up throwing out most of this costume. I’ve had it for so long, never been super happy with it, and finally pushed myself into one shoot. I did it. Now it’s gone, BYEBYE. But I’m glad I finally pushed myself.

I made the costume from mostly spandex (blue metallic and silver), all of the hard armor parts were Worbla. I made this when I had very little experience with Worbla, so there were a lot of mistakes made as I learned. The tights were a sheer sparkle spandex mesh, and I hand painted on the design which pretty much is invisible in this lighting, but whatever. The underbust corset is boned and laces up the back.

Obviously I used my original Elsa wig, but it was a big mess, I had to completely comb everything out of it and start styling it from scratch. The bangs in this version are also a little messier than my other Elsa. The crown stood from a small support on a headband. I also learned that armor with clawed fingers makes no sense. You can’t do ANYTHING with clawed armor fingers.

This costume was based on one of the Elsa designs by the artist Zeronis!