Ryoko: Tenchi Forever



The 3rd cosplay of Ryoko I’ve done, I love her so much. Tenchi Forever was such a perfect way to end the Tenchi Universe series and movies. It made me so happy. I really like Ryoko wearing Earthling clothes, she looks so good in them! Then again, she looks good in everything she wears.








I only have a few from a shoot with Robby Idol, I hope to get more of her soon!

Hopefully more of this one, soon!

Hera: Star Wars Rebels




I got absolutely HOOKED on Star Wars: Rebels, it’s such a good show! I was hesitant to get into it because I didn’t enjoy its prequel: Clone Wars as much at all, but if you’re a Star Wars fanatic, please at least give Rebels a shot!

Hera Syndulla is a Twi’lek in Rebels, Captain of the Ghost team of Rebels. She’s spirited and endlessly hard working, her personality reminds me of Leia in a lot of ways.

I chose to do an original outfit that was based on a design by ObieWanKenoobi, because honestly as cute as she is and as much as I love her, I hate her yellow jumpsuit she wears in the show. I have been wanting to cosplay Hera for a while, but I didn’t because of that jumpsuit…till I saw this piece of art! I loved most of it, and made my costume based on that!

The lekku are latex….they were originally a pair for a twi’lek with them set much lower on the back of the head, but I cut them apart and reattached them to the cap to sit very high and separate like Heras!







All of these photos were taken at Star Wars: Celebrations in Orlando FL in 2017, by Robby Idol!

This beautiful O’ola twi’lek is Joanie Mars, a great friend and cosplayer! We got green together in our room!

I will add more pics as I get them, and will definitely be wearing Hera again! I love her!!

Velvet : Odin Sphere


I have wanted to make Velvet for years but always put it off because I didn’t know how to make it in a way that felt kind of like my own. I finally realized I wanted to add more textures and change some details to be a little different, and I’m super happy with the result!

I airbrushed the red velvet with large stencil onto using the same method I’ve made a tutorial for. The stars on the hood and veil are brass metal stampings with filigree. The black parts of the costume are a textured velvet feel fabric that I fell in love with, I used it on my original Prince Utena costume recently. For the jewelry on the top, I went with drop beads instead of coins, chains, or ruffles just for something different! I purchased the thigh high tights, and made the garters from sheer fabric chiffon and matching bodice fabric.
The Graveryl Chain was made using Worbla for the black “claw” parts, and the diamonds are plastic. I loaded LEDs into them so they glow!

All of these lovely photos were taken by Robby Idol Media!


Boa Hancock 2

Ahh there she is again, queen of my heart: Boa Hancock. I love this simpler outfit

of hers, and I own this adorable little figure so I decided to make this one,

as well! Another easy costume made from leftover fabrics I had here, already!













All photos in this page by Robby Idol Media!


Nico Robin from One Piece


Another One Piece costume! Of course!

Nico Robin is such an awesome lady. I think my favorite outfit of hers was the post Time Skip outfit,
I swear I’d wear this on a vacation. It’s so comfy and cute!

I made this in a day, out of leftover fabrics I had. 😉 Just for a fun shoot at the beach!








All pics taken by Robby Idol Media!

More pics whenever I wear this again 😉


Warrior Sailor Cosmos

sailor_cosmos_warrior_princess_by_noflutter-da1o62oWarrior Sailor Cosmos

This is another version of Sailor Cosmos, as designed by my incredibly talented friend NoFlutter!
You should check out her Facebook and grab some of her prints, I have many & they’re all so beautiful on my wall!

Making this!
Starting with the shoes and working my way up…I used shoes that I had and covered them in lycra with metallic gold faux leather. I love the color of this gold fabric I used, because it’s more of a subdued gold than yellow gold! The skirt panels are all textured vinyl, and I painted each one to have a mottled leather look. They were trimmed in the same gold fabric, and I added gems! The corset is faux leather, I added the same soft gold trimming, and the bra is a separate part so that it matched the illustration as much as I could. The soft fabric draping over the shoulder/skirt is chiffon, and the feathers in my hair and on my shoes are foamies!

I used Thibra for the armor, I LOVE this stuff so much, I plan on using it for so many things *_* I used it for the shoulder pauldron, arm gauntlets, and dango covers! It’s so lightweight, smooth, and easy to work with! The wig is also from Arda, I made it for my original Cosmos cosplay from a Chibi and a Ponytail clip on I pulled apart…it was difficult for me to make so I was super happy to also be able to use it for a new version of Cosmos as well!

For some reason halfway through making this, I needed a break. I just didn’t feel confident about it, and took some time off to finish stuff for DragonCon. I’m so happy that I finished it, though…I think sometimes creative people are so hard on themselves, and we need a reset before we get back and tackle whatever is tripping us up! I love this costume, now!

All of the beautiful pictures in the gallery (so far) are by Robby Idol Media!


Hopefully more when I get to wear her to a convention!









Armored Wonder Woman

wwrefWonder Woman, based on art by Jamie Tyndall.
I did not expect to enjoy wearing this as much as I did! I was worried it would be uncomfortable, but I’ve learned enough from mistakes I’ve made on past costumes to figure out how to secure things, fit things, and make things connect that it all stays in place and other than Atlanta being pretty hot out, it was SO MUCH FUN to wear. Kids lost their minds, and it makes me so happy they love such a good role model as Wonder Woman!! I plan on wearing this costume so much!!

Wonder Woman construction notes:
I really loved the original fanart I found by Jamie Tyndall of Wonder Woman in what he called “Elven inspired armor”. Even though WW doesn’t technically need armor, I thought that if she wore it, it would probably look something like this.

I also have to admit I took a lot of liberties with the design. It’s a really beautiful concept art, but not all of the armor would work and allow for movement of joints freely, and my anatomy isn’t quite the same as the art (dem ankles!), so I told myself to use it as a guide and allow myself creative interpretation room. After all, it’s already an original design! 😉

I started with the pants since they would be simple, they’re stretch faux leather with piping lines down the legs. for the “chainmail” top, there was no way I was going with real chainmail. It would’ve added SO much weight and bulk, not to mention be super warm (I hate wearing chainmail in bulk), so I went with a spandex printed with a chainmail pattern (thank you, Spoonflower, then used 3D puffy paint to add dimension and shine on the links.

Next was the open skirt/capelet on her waist. It’s a deep navy satin with red faux leather, stars bonded on using Heat N Bond, and gold spandex metallic trim. For the underbust corset, I completely eliminated the “fans” of fabric hanging at her lower abdomen that stuck out to the sides….I felt it looked a little Asian inspired, and didn’t suit WW so just removed those. The corset has trim along the bottom in the gold spandex, with metal stars sewn on. The gloves are a thick spandex, in navy and red.

Since I started this costume with less than a month to go for DragonCon, Robby Idol Photography kindly stepped up and made my shield and sword out of foam for me, and from there I painted them. I don’t think this would’ve gotten done in time on my own. And naturally, I ruined the first sword with a fiberglass incident and he cranked out another one for me super fast, which I painted. Yay!!

The “armor” on the arms and thighs is metallic spandex (from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores collection of Yaya Han fabrics), since there’s no kind of interlocking armor I know of that looks braided in that sense and would allow for the joints to bend much at all. I made the armor on the thighs the exact same way I did as on the arms, so that the whole outfit was tied together with the same techniques.

For the armor on the arms, the arm guard, and knees I used thin, flexible craft foam and covered that in the same metallic spandex. I hand sewed on more 3D metal stars. The boots are just shoes I made covers for out of more red spandex, with gold spandex accents. I wanted the gold without “armor’ on the ankle, it wouldn’t make sense to have that small spot guarded and again, mobility!

The chest armor I made for myself out of foam, which I hand painted with a slightly metallic red paint (I wanted a metal look but not blindingly shiny!), and the gold on it was more foam covered in the gold spandex. I changed up the WW logo on the chest a lot from the art. Honestly, I felt like the “W” on her chest in the art looked a lot like a spider, and I worried it would look a bit too much like SpiderMans logo and confuse people some. I altered it to be much more like the “W” on Wonder Womans original costumes, and I’m super happy with that!

Photos by Patrick Sun
wwpatricksunwwpatricksun2jpgPhoto by Robby Idol

I hope to have a lot more pictures of this, soon!

Cammy from Street Figher IV

df44f018d7334193a9d2e33f84362eee-d3n7vhmThis has always been my favorite outfit of Cammy’s, I’m sure that’s just because I love military inspired clothes and Bisons outfit is so great (red uniform)!!

Basically, everything on my body (legs, arms, torso, and hat) are all from the Yaya Han pleather collection, I really love this stuff! It’s more breathable and comfortable than I expect from most stretch pleather!

The brim of the hat is worbla covered in PVC. Robby Idol and I both made the armor, as I was desperate for help since I only had a few days to finish it before I wore it to MomoCon! It’s all foam, so cheap and light! The bolts on the legs are painted right onto the tights, though they snagged, I may just paint my legs for other cons? Depends on the con.

The skulls were metal wings and plastic skulls that I glued together and backed with Worbla for strength, then painted and antiqued. The gold accessories (shoulders and belt buckle) started as foam layered for depth, then covered in Worbla. I left it rough so they looked a little beat up, then painted and antiqued them.

I debated using rigid collodion for my scar, but the last time I did that it actually hurt my skin…screw that, cosplay ain’t worth that XD Make up it is!
Photos by Robby Idol Photography
So that’s it, Bison Cammy!

Photos by Robby Idol Media!




I made Chibi a Bison to go with me a few months ago, and we got Robby Idol to take our photos!
Robby Idol also made Chibi’s armor pieces, he helped out so much putting this one together!

I love wearing this one and will be more! Prints of this are also available in my Etsy!

Original Utena Tenjou

utena kairi-h
Yup, another Utena costume.

The second I saw this gorgeous fanart by KairiH, I knew I wanted to make it SO much! It looks
like a mix of gorgeous Utena princely art, and the artist Sakizo–so full of details, textures, gems, and so regal looking! I love it! It’s Utena, the prince!

For a full writeup on creating this costume, please check out the Sewciety blog I wrote up for
Mood Fabrics!





These gorgeous photos were all taken by Robby Idol Photography!




Utena_03smHopefully more pics of this soon, I want to wear this one SO much!

Princess Vivi from One Piece

Nefertari.Vivi.full.1126794Princess Vivi Nefertari is such a cinnamon roll. I love her so much. She cares so much about her kingdom and would do anything to protect it. Boa Hancock is still my favorite One Piece lady, but Vivi is a close second! I’m sure this wont’ be my last OP costume, I’m kind of on a roll with them..

All of the photos in this set were taken by Robby Idol Media!!

I made Vivi from a combination of silk taffeta (the pants and sleeves) and dupioni silk (the skirt, vest, and the arm/leg cuffs, as well as covering the shoes. The champagne part of the vest is pintuck taffeta from Mood Designer Fabrics. I believe I got the silk dupioni and silk taffeta from Vogue Fabrics! I hand stamped lotuses on the taffeta in dark purple so they’re pretty subtle (using that stamping method I made a tutorial for), then hand painted on the large lotus blossoms in gold, finally stitching on the gold ribbon stripes. The leaves on the vest were satin stitched onto the pintuck taffeta, all of the trims and beads were added once each piece was finished. I made all of the necklaces and bracelets as well. The peacock trimming around the skirt are all real eyes from peacock tail feathers (harmlessly picked up from dropped feathers from peacocks on a farm, according to my seller!), stitched on. The wig is actually 2 wigs, (Asterias from Epic Cosplay Wigs) I cut one, made wefts sewn into the wig so the braids were thick and there was enough hair for a lot of them, and added beads around some of them. I painted the tiara and added strands of beads to the crown.

I did NOT expect to love wearing this one as much as I did. I can’t WAIT to wear this to a convention. I have so many costumes I want to wear to cons now…I need more cons! I was wearing this around the private temple which graciously let me do a shoot there, and an Indian family approached…at first I was nervous because I was dressed like this, but they asked if I’d pose in family photos with them! They said it was beautiful, and laughed because they said I was dressed like an Indian and they were dressed like Americans! I LOVE happy, fun meetings like that because of cosplay!



vivi4smI’m sure I’ll be adding more to this gallery as I get them, I can’t wait to wear this again!