Zeronis Elsa



I can finally say I got a pic in this costume, right before it went in the trash. ​Photohop and I broke up after this.

I set this photo up in a spare room in my house! I used black fabric for a wall backdrop. I know I’m not very good at special effects, but I wanted to give it a try! Added snow, some lighting, and a glowy gem thingy! I also removed the little stick that held my crown above my head!

For lighting, I hung 6 strings of blue LEDs, which ended up in the garbage when I learned quite a few of them no longer worked (but at least enough for this pic)! I also ended up throwing out most of this costume. I’ve had it for so long, never been super happy with it, and finally pushed myself into one shoot. I did it. Now it’s gone, BYEBYE. But I’m glad I finally pushed myself.

I made the costume from mostly spandex (blue metallic and silver), all of the hard armor parts were Worbla. I made this when I had very little experience with Worbla, so there were a lot of mistakes made as I learned. The tights were a sheer sparkle spandex mesh, and I hand painted on the design which pretty much is invisible in this lighting, but whatever. The underbust corset is boned and laces up the back.

Obviously I used my original Elsa wig, but it was a big mess, I had to completely comb everything out of it and start styling it from scratch. The bangs in this version are also a little messier than my other Elsa. The crown stood from a small support on a headband. I also learned that armor with clawed fingers makes no sense. You can’t do ANYTHING with clawed armor fingers.

This costume was based on one of the Elsa designs by the artist Zeronis!





Jarael ~ Knights of the Old Republic



I wanted (yet another) new Star Wars costume to wear to Celebrations 2017, so I went with the pretty Knights of the Old Republic elf-looking gal, Jarael!

I airbrushed myself for it, hand painted on the tattoos. I put together her Electroshock staff using a lightsaber, built on top of it, and painted it to be wood-grain.

I may do more of her outfits in the future, she has so many!!

Hopefully I get more pics, I barely have ANY from Celebrations!! I’m mostly just posting this to remind myself to post more pics after a shoot, since I tend to forget to update my website with costumes that are only found on my Instagram! D:





Morticia Addams ~ The Addams Family

Gomez and Morticia are role models, a shining example of a loving, devoted couple.
Fight me.

I made Morticia from a beautiful textured fabric I found, added sequined fabric on the sleeves, neck, and base of the legs, and black crystals all over the dress! Robby Idol was my Gomez, he was perfect!


Punk Utena

This was based on an illustration by @jingles.pigtails, as soon as I saw it I wanted to make this! Yet another Utena cosplay, and probably not my last!

All of the fabric for this costume was generously sponsored by, from the Yaya Han brocade collection!! <3 I’m loving all of the fabrics I’ve tried from them so far, SUPER fast shipping, and the staff is really communicative and sweet!

I loved the idea of using the brocades for a punk Utena design, she’s such a prince and the brocades gave so much texture! The coat is the black & gold Imperial brocade, the shorts are Vampire Red, the white is the Imperial white on white, which I airbrushed “flannel” type stripes onto. Lots of studs and spikes, and I sewed 2 wigs together for the enormous Jem-style hair! I honestly can’t wait to wear this to a con, I’d love to get a whole Punk RGU group together!







All of these photos in the gallery so far were taken by Robby Idol Photography!

This is just a selfie I took before the shoot but I do love it 😉














Cammy 2: Legends

I did another Cammy from Street Fighter, this time Cammy: Legends!! I sometimes really like her color schemes, sometimes I don’t. This one is a favorite! Managed to get some photos of it with Robby Idol, I don’t think I’ll be wearing it to a convention, though.

I airbrushed the texture on the blue panels (I did a tutorial for that!), and the arm gauntlets are made from foam!

Retired and sold.

NoFlutter’s Galaxia

This was a fun joint project I’ve been working on!! A ‘burlesque’ version of Galaxia, from Sailor Moon! Galaxia was one of my first costumes when I was a little cosplay babby, so it’s been so awesome to get to touch on her again! And also I apparently can’t ever do enough Sailor Moon themed cosplays!

CosplayFabrics kindly sponsored all of the gorgeous fabric for this costume, and I just think it’s SO beautiful!! I was struggling with what to make, when my incredibly talented friend NoFlutter suggested designing a new Galaxia for me! I love all of her designs so much, of course I was immediately like HECK YES PLEASE. For the fabrics, it’s all Dual Fantasy White/Gold Dupioni!! I wefted 2 wigs together for more fullness and length, but decided to avoid Galaxia’s ankle length hair…wigs that long just turn into a nest, for me just getting a lovely, long gradient was more important than fighting a hot mess of wig hair! I hand colored all of my gems and jewelry (tutorials available!), and the boots have shoes in my size permanently built into them. I added lots of crystals and beads, and Robby Idol Photography took some fantastic shots!!

Retired and sold

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

It’s finally done, and I got my first picture back from Robby Idol Photography: Major Motoko Kusanagi, from Ghost in the Shell. My fifth Major cosplay, this one is from the First Assault game. I loved this design the second I saw it, before the game was even released, and started planning it. The Major means so much to me, and this was such a well designed take on her Section 9 tactical gear.

To start, the base fabric is a heavyweight spandex, which I airbrushed the hexagon pattern on before constructing it together, I have a tutorial posted on how to do that! I used Yaya Han bodysuit pattern (which I altered with a lot of inches added into the torso and legs, just in case you’re a tall girl!!!). But the lines in the pattern matched up to the design of the character PERFECTLY. For the black parts, I used pleathers in several different shades and sheens of black, because I wanted the black-on-black cuts to show the details and shapes throughout the design. The gloves are a separate piece, then the black over them being another piece. It took a little figuring out how to get the jacket to close so that there was no visible zipper or closure, but it actually wraps shut, then the lower ribcage has the buckles over it. So many accolades are deserved by the amazing and kind Phil at EVAkura Armor! Phil is so incredibly talented at figuring out how armor should fit together in working ways, keeping it moveable and light, and even got it to light up! Please consider commissioning him for armor needs, he’s magical! The wig was the original wig I used on my original tactical major, but I gave it a trim and re-dyed it (sorry, I still love the Sharpie wig dying method!). I was always frustrated that even though I had dyed it purple, it photographed blue. This time I was able to figure out the color mix so now it photographs a much more accurate dusty-purple color.

This costume is shockingly hot to wear, because I used such a heavyweight spandex it’s much more warm to wear than most of my other spandex costumes. I won’t be wearing this to warm summer conventions, but at cooler winter ones!

Prints of this is available on my Etsy, hopefully more images soon!


Ryoko: Tenchi Forever



The 3rd cosplay of Ryoko I’ve done, I love her so much. Tenchi Forever was such a perfect way to end the Tenchi Universe series and movies. It made me so happy. I really like Ryoko wearing Earthling clothes, she looks so good in them! Then again, she looks good in everything she wears.








I only have a few from a shoot with Robby Idol, I hope to get more of her soon!

Hopefully more of this one, soon!

Hera: Star Wars Rebels




I chose to do an original outfit that was based on a design by ObieWanKenoobi, because honestly as cute as she is and as much as I love her, I hate her yellow jumpsuit she wears in the show. I have been wanting to cosplay Hera for a while, but I didn’t because of that jumpsuit…till I saw this piece of art! I loved most of it, and made my costume based on that!

The lekku are latex….they were originally a pair for a twi’lek with them set much lower on the back of the head, but I cut them apart and reattached them to the cap to sit very high and separate like Heras!




All of these photos were taken at Star Wars: Celebrations in Orlando FL in 2017, by Robby Idol!

I will add more pics as I get them, and will definitely be wearing Hera again! I love her!!

Velvet : Odin Sphere


I have wanted to make Velvet for years but always put it off because I didn’t know how to make it in a way that felt kind of like my own. I finally realized I wanted to add more textures and change some details to be a little different, and I’m super happy with the result!

I airbrushed the red velvet with large stencil onto using the same method I’ve made a tutorial for. The stars on the hood and veil are brass metal stampings with filigree. The black parts of the costume are a textured velvet feel fabric that I fell in love with, I used it on my original Prince Utena costume recently. For the jewelry on the top, I went with drop beads instead of coins, chains, or ruffles just for something different! I purchased the thigh high tights, and made the garters from sheer fabric chiffon and matching bodice fabric.
The Graveryl Chain was made using Worbla for the black “claw” parts, and the diamonds are plastic. I loaded LEDs into them so they glow!

All of these lovely photos were taken by Robby Idol Media!