Celtic Goddess Original Art

My friend Kaitlin does amazing original art all of the time, and for a year now I’d been wanting to make a costume of one she
did that she called a “Celtic Goddess”. I finally started it, and she was amazing enough to draw a new piece of art
featuring her Goddess as well as many other forest fauns, so that her and other girls could also wear some of her amazing designs!

The photos on this page were taken by
TheDreamerWorld, and LJinto! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out her amazing art gallery here!!

She had drawn up a few slightly varying designs, so I did the best I could to bring all of it together!

The piece on the left here is what first made me love this character so much!


All of the girls did such an amazing job on their costumes! I thought they all looked so adorable!!

We all posed with Kaitlins’ original art! I’m really sad the girl on the left got cut on this photo. They’re all so cute, though!

Thank you so much for dreaming this up, Kaitlin!

I got these photos taken in the fall of 2012 by BuckRogersBarker! I changed  up the paint on my 
face a little to be more like one of the other pieces of art!