Chrysalis & FlufflePuffs Vacation

vaca1Since Sam and I love doing our Chrysalis and Flufflepuff costumes so much, we added another! In the comic, Fluffle and Chryssi go on a vacation, and we thought their antics would be hilarious, so we just had fun in a pool doing these photos. If you haven’t read Flufflepuff, you should check them out! Read them (try to read them all in order!) at They’re one of the best things to come out of the My Little Pony fandom!  Photos taken by RobbyIdol Cosplay!

We had entirely too much fun doing this.

Sam is the most perfect Fluffle ever.

What would FlufflePuff be, without creeping on Chryssi?


Of course, we had margaritas and tacos. I spilled some on her floaty,
but she made the best of it.
I just…don’t…
We are already planning a few other Chryssi/Fluffle costumes. Because they’re just
SO MUCH FUN to wear!!