Original Spring Fawn


A friend of mine asked me to join their group of fawn girls based on seasons. I chose spring! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to wear my own costume with them, yet, but I at least got some pretty photos of it!

I really wanted this costume to be a little random and asymmetrical, because nature is! Plants and trees never grow perfectly symmetrical, so I don’t think the Spring Fawn should be, either! I wanted the skirt to be short on one side and long on the other, my wrist gauntlets to be one short/one long (to balance the skirt a little), and the flowers to be random and heavy where the skirt starts. PS: Sewing flowers on for that long is only tolerable while watching the extended editions of Lord of the Rings. T_T

I designed and sketched this on the plane on the way to Anime Milwaukee back in February! The bodice is made of a champagne bridal satin, the skirt is lined on the inside with pintuck champagne taffeta. Then there’s a layer of floral lace, more satin, pintuck taffeta, and chiffon layers. The back is adjustable with eyelets and laces up (kind of corset style). Pattering ‘boob windows” is a HUGE pain, btw. The shoes are adorable booties I hand painted to match the satin, and added a few little flowers on for charm, springing up at her feet. I got all of the flowers at a shop outside of Pittsburgh the last time I visited my parents and filled a suitcase with them

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I adore them. I love my little deer antlers, I LOVE costumes with horns and antlers, this being my 7th or 8th (AND I have another in progress already LOL)! I’m not 100% sold on the leggings I used for this shoot, and I think I will be trying a different pair for the next time I wear it.

The wig is from Arda Wigs, it’s such a pretty muted purple-ash color, and the purple contact lenses were sponsored by LensVillage.com!

Photo by Robby Idol Media!








These photos are from DragonCon 2016!
DimHorizon Studio!
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These photos were taken by Leo Photography!

leo3sm leo4sm leof2And these by Robby Idol Media!
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