Crimson Whirlwind from Romeo & Juliet

The Crimson Whilrlwind is one of those vigilante type characters that I love so much, from the show Romeo and Juliet.

She’s actually the result of a few alter-egos….Juliet must hide who she iswhen she goes into town, and so dresses herself as a boy named “Odin”.

Unable to stand the Montegue’s hold over the city, she dons her cape andsword and does her best to make things a little more fair for the people of the city. Obviously, the show is quite a different take from the original, but so fantastic. I love Shakespeare in it, too!!

This was obviously an easier one to make, but I fell in love with the design immediately. Must be my thing for thigh high boots, and capes!




I found the old remnants of a castle to take pics at, but apparently a lot of vandals had found it before me. I tried to photoshop a few of them out, but I’m really bad at Shop, so …ah well!


Juliet’s city floats…Mine’s not quite as cool…

I love the wig, I’m kind of sad you  can’t really tell i dyed the bottom half a bit darker like hers is. It’s a terrible cut on me, but I don’t care! Its GOT A BIG HAT!!!


I have a few friends working on other cast members from R&J…I can’t wait to get together and take lots of pictures with them!!


And the horrible confession?
She reminds me of Darkwing Duck. Whom i love.


These shots were taken by Ollie at Katsucon ’08! Manda was my Juliet!


I’ve sold this costume, so it’s retired now, gallery done!