Dark Saber from Fate/Stay Night

I’ve already given you the rundown on Saber, so i’ll make this short: This is her evil version. I’m clearly obsessed with her, i have no idea WHY. There.

Dark Saber doesn’t have the ahoge (that antenna on her head), i kind of miss it on  my wig!


Me and Jessi (AnimeAngel, that little doll there) had a shoot with Lio.

During the shoot, Al snuck this shot…where you start to get some 
of the ‘behind the scenes’ truths…

Like the fact that i’m squishing down in these because i’m like twice as tall as Jess!


The deep, dark truth behind the shoots. Fate/Stay Night lion slippers, baby.

Jess wasn’t able to get her boots done in time, so I offered to wear mine with her so she wouldn’t be self conscious. And quite frankly, it’s fun to shuffle around a con in these!

Most recent photos!

Taken by LJinto!

A ridiculous picture of me and Maggie…she was there for a separate 
shoot, but couldn’t walk though the thick mud because of her heels.  I 
had the boots on, so this was no problem!  (Saber is a knight after all!!)

And one more picture, since my galleries are SO serious…I went and 
retrieved Maggie’s bag for her, and Leonard snapped a photo of me 
skipping through the field.  So silly, but silly amuses me.