Delenn from Babylon 5

I was so super skeptical of this show when my friends started me on it, but it grew on me quickly. I love some of the characters, especially Delenn. She’s such a sweet, derpy alien, yet so full of will.

I also made the Captan Sheridan costume for a friend to wear. We were surprised at how many people were excited to see the costumes and were fans of the show, it’s a bit of an older show, I had no idea so many fans were out there! I hope to wear these again!





I will say that these are not the best photos on this webpage. They were taken in a rush, and I wish I had 
more, or more professional looking ones.

But at least they show the costumes I made, I will try to get better later on!

In the lobby at the con! I’m not even 
sure who snapped this, it was sent 
to me I think!

In a complete coincidence, my friend JF showed up in a Londo costume!
That hair is RIDIC.

I really liked Sheridan and Delenn as a couple. 
Even though I wanted to bitchslap Sheridan a few times.

I also liked wearing my headbone. It’s almost another horn. ;3

More pictures whenever I wear it again!