Designs by Pandakim

There isn’t a whole lot to say about these particular costumes, because they aren’t even “real” characters. These were designed by a very talened Korean artist who goes by the name Pandakim. I have loved her art for a long time, and when I saw this dress I wanted to make it very much. Miko got excited when she saw what I was doing and picked another piece by the artist, and so we worked and wore these together to DragonCon ’09.

These first few photos were taken by Judy (thedreamerworld on DeviantArt)!

These were taken by Andy (antimortem on DeviantArt!).

I also want to fix the neck of this…i stitched such a pretty lace trim on, but you can’t see it.

These were taken 
by Michael Iacca.

This just shows where they light up!!

We recieved this wonderful message from Pandakim:

Wow! It’s my pleasure to see your costumes!
Thank you very much!
I didn’t even think who would bring my design to the real world.
It’s honorable to me and I’m so moved.
You’re costumes are perfect and beautiful.
Nowadays I don’t upload any of my works, but I’ll be back ASAP with my latest illust.
Then, I hope you visit my DeviantArt again.
I want to say thank you again to you guys and I will
remember forever this good moment.
I am sorry to send you two same message but I’m not good at English as well.

This was more than we could have hoped for, I was so glad and relieved they liked them! Me and Miko really celebrated that!!

I got my pictures back from TheDreamerWorld, who did a shoot of us at DragonCon ’09!

I cannot get over how cute Miko is!!


I hope to fix up a few things on this and wear it again, it 
was fun! I’d like to get more photos that show the lights.

I’m so grateful for friends who do this crazy stuff with me!

I managed to get a few pics taken in a pretty park!
Photos by Bob Barker.