Draenei from World of Warcraft

Or as they are called, “Goats from Space”.

Oh boy, I did another game costume! Please don’t ask what server I play on or anything, I just don’t really have time for video games anymore, especially ones that suck your living soul out!

But still, I love the Draenai so much, this one is my beautiful baby Meldacaniel!

I airbrushed myself (and inhaled about a gallon of paint), a friend did between my shoulder blades. I spent the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (UNCUT EDITION) cutting out the scales for my armor, and STILL I had to go back and cut more. BUT I love wearing this, definitely will again a few times!!


Lisa did Sister Benedron!  I made her the wings, for her !

Another costume where I get to have 
horns! YAAAY!!

…why do I love them?

Shot of the back, because I also love my tail!!

This pic was taken by RobbyIdol Media!

I hope to get better photos of this soon, preferrably out in the woods.

…because, really, draenai don’t hang out in Mariot hotels a lot.


Ryan joined us, I had also painted up his 
weapons for him. Last minute weapons, yaay!

I finally (a month later!!) got some much nicer photos of Meldacaniel, this time in 
much more appropriate places for a Draenai to be found!

Be very, very quiet.  I’m hunting for some Horde….

Blurry photo, but I seriously love it a LOT because it
looks like one of those “Big Foot Sighting!!” photos! So silly!