This was an original, independent piece of art by the artist Juyoung Ha. The minute I saw it I fell in love with it, and wanted to make it.

Honestly, I struggled with this one by the end. I had started it in the summer of 2019, and due to major life events it got put on hold for months. I picked it up and worked on it here and there, working on other costumes in between to keep from burning out. By the time I finished it 13 months later, I was mostly just relieved it was completed.

The main body is a soft stretch lycra, airbrushed. The costume consists of EVA and craft foam, latex, PVC….the feet are shoes I repurposed, originally from my Draenei cosplay. The horns took 2 tries, but are incredibly light weight and stay in place perfectly! The tail moves, and is controlled by a small remote control!

Overall, it turned out pretty well & I’m happy w it. But I didn’t love it as much as I expected to. I think it’s a problem with proportion. Obviously I’m not as long & slender as that art, but the costume itself is adding a bit of bulk so it makes me feel bulkier over all? First, there’s the big belt hidden inside the waist of the costume that holds the mechanical tail in place. Then the entire chest/shoulder piece adds so much size. The shoes had to be bulkier than her feet just to hold me up/add height….I think sometimes I get an unrealistic expectation of how I imagine it vs what it takes to make an impossible design wearable. I thought it would replace the War Rig as a fav–It didn’t! 🙂 


Admittedly, this photo isn’t too terribly different than the first. We were doing the best that we could with the very limited space we had to use.
Once Covid has passed, I plan on taking this somewhere for a lot of new photos!