Eclair Tonnerre of Ouran Host Club

A simple looking cosplay, though I have to say sewing sheer fabrics is kind of a pain.

Eclair is the daughter of a large business group, and is using her societal status to try to catch the guy she has her eye on, Tamaki. She pretty much isn’t a nice person, to say the least, using any kind of manipulation needed to get her way, but in the end, I felt sad for her.

I’m certain I will not be able to be in character at all for this one. Mainly, I just want to cosplay with all of my Ouran friends, and just appear way off in the background of all of their photos, peering at them through the opera glasses as if i’m stalking them. Too much fun!



Pookles took these pictures for me, it was kind of a 
commando operation. But they worked!


I think i might just start wearing this dress for nice occasions….it’s very 
pretty, for a cosplay!

Really good images of her dress are 
hard to find, but you get the idea.


I finally got more photos of Eclaire, with my wonderful friend Karen as 
Tamaki! Photos kindly taken by MintFlavored!

I don’t really know…

I think I’ll  probably retire Eclaire now that I got good pictures 
with a friend, but I’m just keeping that dress to wear.
I love it so much!!