Elle Driver from Kill Bill

Worn @ DragonCon ’09
This originally started with my friend Chris, and kept snowballing until we had most of the cast. Sadly, not everyone could make it at the last minute, but we still had a lot of us, and it was SO FUN.

In the shoot:
Bill : Chris
The Bride: Reanna
Copperhead : Val
Cottonmouth : Miko
Gogo Yubari : Sam
California Mountain Snake : Me (derp)
Crazy 88’s : Micheal, Matty, Trevor, & a few others who just
showed up!

These photos were all taken by LJinto, a wonderful,considerate friend and gifted photographer.


It’s kind of hard for me to believe we got some serious faced shots. We spent 
95% of this shoot laughing and doing horrible things to each other, but Leo is 
so patient (and instigated some of it!!)!


I guess that’s my serious business face. :/

This shot makes me love Sam and Leo more than I already did. Which was SOOO MUCH.

This was completely unplanned, we were just on our way back to the convention 
and Leo ran ahead, turned around, and snapped it!


I seriously have some of the most beautiful friends on Earth.

I was really glad we all did this together, such a fun afternoon 
and I love the photos Leo was kind enough to get for us!!