Emeraldas & Harlock: Harlock Sagas

These costumes were a suggestion from a friend, and I’m so glad I made them, I’m very happy with how they turned out!

They are the space pirates Emeralds (of Queen Emeraldas), and Captain Harlock (of Harlock Sagas). Creations of the legendary Leiji Matsumoto, theyvboth have their own series and movies, but their worlds are often intertwined and stories often feature both.

Both aloof, solitary, and cold, these guys are old school, and some of the original anime badasses. I was really happy to pay homage to something as wonderful as Matsumoto’s works.

I made both of these, and I have to say I LOVE wearing my scar.






These gorgeous photos were all taken by the wonderful and talented Miko…i’m so 
grateful I got to work with such a talented girl, and good friend.


I wish you could see more of my facial scar here, but i do 
love this shot.

Oh, Harlock. You gar, shaggy bastard. We love you.

This is so NOT cannon. I don’t care, i wanted this shot, Miko got it perfect.

These were the particular outfits I based these costumes on, as they both wear quite a few different ones.


This isn’t too different from the shot above, but I 
still liked it enough to post it.

It is both a sword AND a laser gun. There are not words for such badassery.

Judy took these photos, i just really liked how they turned out!

Even though my eye is doing it’s scary zombie eye thing. I wasn’t even in the sun this time. :/

I was going to caption this photo…but it 
REALLY doesn’t need it, does it?

These photos were taken by BobBarker, at Katsucon ’10!

These photos were taken by Ronin’s Photography, at Katsucon ’10!

Ok, it’s not me, but I made the costume and prop, so I’m really proud of it!!

I love dressing up my friends. They are my puppets.:3

No, they aren’t contact lenses.Someone asks me where I got my blue contacts at least once a month in email.
I grew them.

Yeah, yeah…we’re not a REAL 
couple…whatever, I LOVE pictures like this.

Thank you so much Chris and Bob (and 
Miko!) for the wonderful shoots, and Matt 
for letting me dress him up!!!