Flemeth from Dragon Age 2

This costume is from a game series called Dragon Age. Flemeth is a dragon who lives by taking over young women’s bodies she’s raised as her own “daughter”, so she changes appearance. And when she’s pissed, she’s just a fire breathing dragon.

Another costume with horns for me! I love that :DThis particular costume is based on the concept art (left) and early cinematic trailers that have been released for the upcoming second game. It’s possible we’ll need to tweek these since sometimes they deviate a little from concept art, but for now we just really love the designs so much!

Chibi was my Hawke, and he did such an amazing job! We had a lot of fun wearing these. There’s a few things I want to change since it was a bit of a trial run (being the first time), but over all I’m pretty happy with it!

These photos were taken by Jlinto, TheDreamerWorld (these photos are marked!), and my wonderful friend Lisa!


Lisa stole this shot while I was doing an interview. I look quite derpy, I think.

And of course, bad things happen when Chibi and I hang out together.