Flowerstorm King Danaan

I have been a fan of Berserk for years, Casca was a costume I did over 10 years ago. I had my eye on a few new costumes from it I considered doing, but then I saw this one and HAD to make it.

Flowerstorm Fairy King Danaan. As of when I made this costume, no color images of her existed, only the manga images. I created my own color palate, and hand made every piece of the costume from the wings, hand dying the wig, to the staff (that lights up, though you can’t see it in these images much)! And after loading something like 17 wings onto my body for this shoot, I realized I was NEVER gonna wear this again!

But, thanks to Rob Somers photography helping me transport this and put it all on in the forest, we got shots that I’m extremely happy with!