Frequently Asked Questions & Conditions!

These are the questions I get asked all of the time, so please take a look before messaging me with something answered here. It will save both of us a lot of time, because I just don’t have time to respond to the same questions every day! 🙂


How much is a commission or gown?
If you want an estimate, send me reference pictures, your height, and your size. There is NO SET PRICE, it depends entirely on what the commission is, how complicated and time consuming it will be, and the materials involved. Every commission is different.

If I have drawings of an original design, will you make it?
Absolutely! I’ve done lots of original designs, I enjoy making your visions come to life! I’ll work with you to make sure it’s what you want and the kinds of fabrics you have in mind!

Do you do armor, props, wings, or wigs?
No. To all of them. Occasionally I will take on something that is small as part of a commission, but I don’t have the ability to do such things for clients right now. Mostly only sewing commissions.

Do you take payments?
Only in halves. The way I usually do my commissions is to get half of the payment up front. That covers materials and as soon as the payment arrives, I will order the fabrics. I will send pictures of it all when completed. If it looks satisfactory to you, you send the final payment with shipping cost and I’ll ship it out!
Shipping isn’t included in the prices, what I usually do is weigh the costume once it’s complete and get an estimate from based on the zip code it will be shipped.

How do I sign up for/use Paypal?
Paypal will walk you through it. I do not have time to spend walking you through something that you can easily do yourself, or Google for further information.

Do you take any other forms of payment?
No. Paypal only. I might consider trades if someone had something I badly wanted, but that’s 99% likely not going to happen. Every time I’ve tried to work with people to take other forms of payment, I’ve been burnt, so I can’t anymore.

Can I pay extra for a rush order?
There are times when I will accept rush orders for a fee (fee depending on the complication of the costume and how much time I have to work on it). You may ask, I’ll let you know if I am too swamped or can handle it for a price!

Why does my rush order cost so much extra?
I have a list of customers already lined up who booked their commissions in advance and expect them at a certain date. In order to ensure their orders are not delayed, I work rush orders during my evenings and weekends. Therefore, you are paying for my overtime to complete yours as quickly as possible.

What if I am late on paying you?
When you order a commission from me, I’m assuming you have the money to pay for it, just like any other product. Once it’s completed, it’s unfair to make me wait weeks (and months) for my own payment, I’ve invested a lot of my time into your costume, and I have bills that need paid just like you! Therefore, unless we come to an agreement other than this (and I try REALLY hard to work around when people need time, I understand life happens), a late fee of $20 will be added to your payment, and $10 for each week that the commission isn’t paid for.

How long will you hold my costume if I can’t pay right away?
First off, see the above question for payment and delay costs. Even if you are delayed on paying a costume, unless we come to an agreement other than this, ALL COSTUMES MUST BE PAID FOR WITHIN 2 MONTHS OF COMPLETION. If a costume isn’t paid for in 2 months after I’ve contacted you that it’s completed, I will assume it an abandoned commission and have the right to sell it to recoup my time in it, and the first payment that was put down will not be refunded.

Please keep in mind my time, effort, and costs when I work for you. I put in days and sometimes weeks on a costume, knowing that I will be paid when done for my work. I need paid as much as you do; I have bills just like you. Can you imagine working for a month+ for your boss, and him telling you “oh, thanks for that, you’ll be paid in 5 months”. That’s absolutely intolerable in any other business, and because it’s happened to me time and time again, I now have to enforce this rule. I don’t have space to store boxes of commissions that people asked me to create for them but then don’t have the time/want/priority to pay me after I’ve invested myself in the work and completed it.

tl;dr: Two months, including the late fees.

Can I have progress pictures?
No, unless I choose to post some. Taking progress pictures takes a lot of time out of my work. For the most part I don’t like to stop working for progress pics because this will delay your commission. Sometimes I post them for people on Patreon.

Can I rent one of your costumes?
NO. You can’t afford it. If you want a costume, ask me about making one for you.

Can I buy one of your costumes?
If I am selling one of my own costumes, which I do fairly frequently, I publicly list it for sale. You may inquire about one, but most of them are things I am hanging onto until I decide to list it myself.

Do you do costumes or gowns for extra large sizes, or cross dressing costumes?
Yes! I work with anyone of any shape and size, I believe everyone should have a chance to wear what they want and feel good in it!

If I commission a costume or gown and it doesn’t fit perfectly, what about alterations?
If a costume doesn’t fit and it’s not due to wrong measurements given to me, I will happily alter it for free, you only cover the shipping. If a costume doesn’t fit because you gave me incorrect measurements, there will be a fee depending on how complicated it is to fix it.

If I am not completely happy with my commission, how can we fix that?
If for any reason you aren’t completely happy with your commission, I will do everything in my power to fix it. I just ask for a clear explanation of why you aren’t happy so I know exactly what needs fixed, and a little patience to send it back to me so I can remedy that! I try to explain how it will be made up front, including fabrics so you have a really good idea of what you are getting, but sometimes someone just has something else in mind. I cannot do full refunds…the first half of your payment, as stated before, is non-refundable. That is because I spend it on all of the supplies, materials, and fabrics. But if there is anything I can do to make sure you are completely satisfied, I will do everything in my power to alter it till it’s what you need!

“HEY!! I live in the same city as you! How about I meet up with you so that you can take my measurements and do fittings on me?”
The answer is a firm NO. I do commissions based on measurements people give me from all over the world. This is to ensure my own personal safety, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. Should your commission need any alterations when complete, I am more than happy to help with that. If meeting with me for your commission is a make or break thing for you, shop somewhere else. I’ll be happy to meet you at a con!

“HEY! I am really well known! How about you do my costumes for free or at a huge discount? It’s like, free advertising!”

Do you do trades?
I have in the past, it completely depends on what you’re offering. I have done trades for parts of costumes (such as my sewing in exchange for a prop you may be skilled in making), art trades (I’ve had artists design costumes for me in for sewing them something), and more. Don’t be shy about letting me know what you have to offer but don’t be hurt if I don’t have a need for what you’re offering at this time. Mostly I just want to make my living 😉

Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?
Unless we are really close to the deadline date we agreed on, I’m going to stop answering this question. I literally have people message me a week or two after their first payment, it takes that long just to get fabrics I ordered in, at least. Repeatedly asking slows me down and is honestly annoying. I’m ignoring it from now on.

Do you sell prints?
Yes, I have a link on my home page, and the current ones available are always in my Etsy shop.

I do offer specials and ways to get discounts on my Facebook page, specials from time to time. I do not do military or student discounts, those can generally only be given by large businesses because the government gives them tax breaks for offering it. A self employed person doesn’t get such help.

Where do you ship?
Pretty much anywhere. As long as you’re ok paying the shipping (some countries are pricey!), I get estimates from and ship where you need! Occasionally if the item is large, UPS is cheaper, if that’s the case I get rates from both.

This is a pretty simple rundown of how commissions work: