Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

It’s finally done, and I got my first picture back from Robby Idol Photography: Major Motoko Kusanagi, from Ghost in the Shell. My fifth Major cosplay, this one is from the First Assault game. I loved this design the second I saw it, before the game was even released, and started planning it. The Major means so much to me, and this was such a well designed take on her Section 9 tactical gear.

To start, the base fabric is a heavyweight spandex, which I airbrushed the hexagon pattern on before constructing it together, I have a tutorial posted on how to do that! I used Yaya Han bodysuit pattern (which I altered with a lot of inches added into the torso and legs, just in case you’re a tall girl!!!). But the lines in the pattern matched up to the design of the character PERFECTLY. For the black parts, I used pleathers in several different shades and sheens of black, because I wanted the black-on-black cuts to show the details and shapes throughout the design. The gloves are a separate piece, then the black over them being another piece. It took a little figuring out how to get the jacket to close so that there was no visible zipper or closure, but it actually wraps shut, then the lower ribcage has the buckles over it. So many accolades are deserved by the amazing and kind Phil at EVAkura Armor! Phil is so incredibly talented at figuring out how armor should fit together in working ways, keeping it moveable and light, and even got it to light up! Please consider commissioning him for armor needs, he’s magical! The wig was the original wig I used on my original tactical major, but I gave it a trim and re-dyed it (sorry, I still love the Sharpie wig dying method!). I was always frustrated that even though I had dyed it purple, it photographed blue. This time I was able to figure out the color mix so now it photographs a much more accurate dusty-purple color.

This costume is shockingly hot to wear, because I used such a heavyweight spandex it’s much more warm to wear than most of my other spandex costumes. I won’t be wearing this to warm summer conventions, but at cooler winter ones!

Prints of this is available on my Etsy, hopefully more images soon!