Haruko Haruhara of FLCL


The first version of this costume i did was pretty lazy, and had the wrong guitar. I’ve done lots of upgrading since then.

It’s a really fun one to wear, probably one i’ve worn the most to cons, and probably not done wearing her yet

The following shots were all taken by Ziggy B. 


All of these shots feature my new Rickenbacker. I made this in 12 days before Katsucon. There are a few details i want to perfect on it, but i was very happy with it. Its made of pine, not much different in weight from a real bass, so carrying it wasn’t too bad. Left me with the usual shoulder bruise..


In these shots, the outdoor lighting and photo saturation makes my wig look MUCH more of a hot pink than it is…the indoor lighting is FAR closer to the actual color.




These shots were taken by Bald B*stard! One of them was featured in the first English edition of Cosmode’s book! He’s very talented, and a patient photographer!