Hera: Star Wars Rebels




I got absolutely HOOKED on Star Wars: Rebels, it’s such a good show! I was hesitant to get into it because I didn’t enjoy its prequel: Clone Wars as much at all, but if you’re a Star Wars fanatic, please at least give Rebels a shot!

Hera Syndulla is a Twi’lek in Rebels, Captain of the Ghost team of Rebels. She’s spirited and endlessly hard working, her personality reminds me of Leia in a lot of ways.

I chose to do an original outfit that was based on a design by ObieWanKenoobi, because honestly as cute as she is and as much as I love her, I hate her yellow jumpsuit she wears in the show. I have been wanting to cosplay Hera for a while, but I didn’t because of that jumpsuit…till I saw this piece of art! I loved most of it, and made my costume based on that!

The lekku are latex….they were originally a pair for a twi’lek with them set much lower on the back of the head, but I cut them apart and reattached them to the cap to sit very high and separate like Heras!







All of these photos were taken at Star Wars: Celebrations in Orlando FL in 2017, by Robby Idol!

This beautiful O’ola twi’lek is Joanie Mars, a great friend and cosplayer! We got green together in our room!

I will add more pics as I get them, and will definitely be wearing Hera again! I love her!!