Ifurita from El:Hazard, the Magnificent World

The first and original El: Hazard series was so good. This was an old school anime, but one of the first ones that hooked me. I loved it so much, i’ve always wanted to cosplay Ifurita and just
decided to do it recently.

Ifurtia is referred to as a ‘demon god’ and an ultimate weapon of destruction,. though she seems to work more like a robot, with a wind up key and only able to take orders…till she meets
Makoto, of course!





I had a shoot with this costume, but most of them were terribly over exposed. I hope to take her to 
another convention and hopefully get better shots then.

RAWR! Angry face in that one! But at least it shows my staff! I worked on that thing so much, i’m really 
happy with how it turned out! It’s odd to carry, though..


Even this picture was too over exposed, you can’t see the colors on my pants at all!!

Ah well…hopefully better shots soon!!


WOOOOW It’s been FOREVER, but I finally got some full body shot photos of this that 
show the whole costume!! They aren’t the most stunning, but I’m so happy just to 
have something that shows it all, finally! These were taken by Bob!

Maybe someday I’ll actually get shots at a con, but I’m 
glad you can at least see it all, now.