Kei of Dirty Pair Flash

The first thing people think of when they hear of a series called “Dirty Pair Flash”, they instantly think it’s a hentai series. I swear it’s not! It’s a remake of the original Dirty Pair, a story of two female police officers
who tend to be more agents of destruction than success. They leave damage everywhere in their wake (earning them their embarrassing team nickname), but once they learn to work together, they’re a great team.

It’s a sexy series (obviously), and Kei was one of my first “anime crushes”. Firey and tom-boyish, she’s just too much fun.

These photos were taken by SolarTempest, at Katsucon 2012!

I decided to go for a more “realistic” hair style, opting to skip her “banana bangs” style. Also, I’m pretty darn pale, she’s a bit tan in the series. But it was very fun to do, the lovely Maggie was my Yuri!

I wish I had some better shots of the gun. I worked hard on it, and it turned out so cool!!

Thank you so much Maggie, for making a gorgeous, Yuri, and Kevin for wonderful pictures! I hope to wear these again!!