Kurako of Kuragehime/Jellyfish Princess

This was mostly just a total joke/fun costume, and was totally worth it. We had ridiculous times recreating shots from the show. We all looked so silly it was impossible to take it seriously, but I think that’s perfect in the end.

Kuragehime is an adorable show about a shut-in, socially impossible girl, and the girl she meets (who turns out to be a guy) who brings her and her friends out of their shells. It’s touching, charming, and hilarious!

Carrie was my Tsukimi, and Lisa made an alternate outfit of Kurakos!



Why don’t you let yourself shine?

Carrie had me dying doing this. It’s hard not to laugh in photos with her.

Trying to come up with ideas!

I love these guys.

Trust me, you’ll love how you look!!

Carrie’s expressions are priceless.

The scene where Tsukimi realizes it’s a wig…but hasn’t figured the rest out…!

Carrie, seriously, I love you.

This might have been one of my top favorite 
scenes in the whole show.

If you haven’t seen this show, give it a 
shot! I’m hoping for a second season!!