Leeloo from The Fifth Element

Otherwise known as Leeloo Mina Lakatariba Laminatcha Ekbat D Sabat.

Leeloo is regenerated 5000 years after her time to serve as a fifth element, a key needed to fight mass destruction headed for Earth. What is the fifth element, besides earth, wind, water, and fire? Love! Without that, whats the point of saving the Earth, right?!

Leeloo’s just a cute, fun little zany nut, happy to be alive and learn about the new world she’s awoken to. She knows she has a job to do, but for the most part, is light hearted and fun. She doesn’t take crap though, and can take care of herself very well. And can still cry. She gets help from a cab driver, Korben Dallas, who has no idea what he’s gotten himself into when she (literally) runs into him, and i have to mention Ruby Rhod…cause he’s supagreen.

Not a hard one to make, save for the wig. I was intimidated on this one…lots of cutting, coloring, and styling. I was pretty happy with the outcome though! 🙂

A mix of really old pics with new ones taken at DragonCon ’13, having redone the wig.

(the old wig/straps)



My girl Heidi wore her Tarna!

I ended up wearing Leeloo to DragonCon ’07!


















Somebody put their Vash the Stampede glasses on me, and i think they work! I really want a pair of my own, now!!

i wish Miko next to me was in this pic, she’s in her Mario lolita and is SO cute. I am kind of looking like HURHURHUR in this, but I am amused by the wall of alcohol behind me!