Luka Megurine: Vocaloid

I’ll spare talking about Vocaloid here, I’m pretty sure almost everyone has seen SOMETHING from Vocaloi, even if they didn’t realize it. It’s kind of saturated everything. And even so, it’s so adorable, charming, and has so much good music, I just can’t resist it.

There’s endless outfits and styles to choose from when doing any of the Vocaloids, and though I believe this one is
probably not a canon outfit, I fell in love with the gown and wanted to make it very much. I’ve had most of the fabric for quite some time, but decided to push to get it done for a convention I wore it to!

Luka’s hair also changes endlessly from straight to wavy to curly, and from bright pink to pale pink, so I simply chose a beautiful pink wig I liked and ran with it!

These pictures were taken at AUSA ’11 by LJinto!!