Maestro Delphine Eraclea / Last Exile

This is one of those costumes I picked because the design was crazy, and after working on it for a while I was cursing myself for picking something so crazy.

My friend Jamie did the child version of Delphine, and I did the adult (our height difference makes this a LOT easier!).

Most of these photos were taken by LJinto!! Worn to AUSA ’09.




Starting with my favorite from the whole shoot!!

Maestro Delphine is insane.   As if the clothes didn’t give it away enough.

PixieKitty is so cute!!

EminatingDelphine’s “crazy angry” face. :/

These are random as hell. Jamie and I goofing off in the hallway.  We end up like this a LOT.

We actually were supposed to have a lot more of the cast with us, this spring we 
are aiming to get many more photos of these with more characters locally!