Magician Miku from Vocaloid: Project Diva

My friend Jamie spread the Vocaloid bug to me, it’s just so cute I can’t stand it. I also LOVE magician girls (right after Bunny Girls and Maids), so as soon as I saw this outfit, I wanted to do it.

I’m like…twice as tall as Miku, but whatever, it was fun to run around with my friends in their Vocaloid costumes at the convention! Plus it took me like a day to make it. Just a costume for fun!




LJinto took pictures for us, these ones were my favorites!

A couple of friends did Bunny Girls…I DIED. AUGH SO CUTE!!!

I kinda wish I had smiled for these shots, I think it 
would be nicer. I look a bit…lost?


Laura and Jamie in their Vocaloid stuff!

TheDreamerWorld took this shot, I liked the lighting!

Just a simple costume I did for fun…I can 
always use it to be a random Magician for 
Halloween! 😉