Maid Saber from Fate/Stay Night

Yes, another version of Saber. Done as a joke (or a dare), but was totally worth it. Had so much fun being silly with friends! My 4th version of Saber.

Matt wore his Archer, so natrually we got into it…

Eurobeat King (Al) snapped one picture where i wasn’t goofing off with friends…we had entirely 
too much fun being silly that night. And too much rum. WAY too much rum.

We already know i have a thing for pirates. And this guy was SOOO ornery. 
Plus he gave me rum!!! <3

Don’t even ask what he said to me. I’m easy to embarrass, let 
alone in THAT outfit, and he was SO cute!!!

So…there ya go. Dress like hot pirate=get french maid lovin.  I think my 
mom was jealous when she saw this pic!!!

After that…things continued to go down hill. Laurie got 
assaulted by everyone there. Especially me.

Yes, that’s a rum bottle in my mouth.

Mer and Gi get in on the debauchery…

Aaaaand it continues to get worse.

AUSA was a con for joking around, gag-cosplay, and just being silly. 
Well, most cons are, but i think i took it to the extreme this time.

I love my friends who know how to get silly with me!