Major Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell

Motoko is the squad leader of Section 9, a fictional division of the real Japanese Public Safety Commision. Having a cybernetic body due to childhood trauma, the series explores the possiblities of artificial intelligence and self realization as the lines between humans and cyborgs are becoming more and more blurred in society.

She is a serious woman, her inner strength is echoed by her incredible physical strength and abilities. She keeps her emotions to herself, and her life is her work. And she likes big guns. :3




I went back and forth on making this one for a while, before i even started. It looks incredibly complicated, and some of the details change from reference image to reference image of her, so i took liberties where i wasn’t sure.  I think sewing spandex to pleather and pvc is one 
of the hardest things to sew together i have found, yet.

I get frustrated at how my wig changes colors in different lights in photos. It looks too blue below >.<
Thats not the true color!

There are not words for how much i love those glasses. No idea why. But i do.

This pic is big, and i’m teeny…but i love that federal buiding, it worked perfectly!

Sometimes i like the simpler photos the best.


This was just a fun idea, too: photoshop a picture so i was in the 
Major’s invisible-camo. I love this, i wish it really did that!!!

A photoshoot with Lionel at AUSA ’07!