Maller from Ah! Megamisama!

My second version of this lovely girl, i love the characters that let you be have a little more fun than not!

I’ve made a few improvements to her over time, I enjoy rewearing it!

My first wearing of this was actually for ACEN ’07, so these were taken at the con. This shows the tails 
well, which you can’t see with the cape on ;.;


I’m not crazy about my poses in these shots, but hey, they show the outfit! 🙂

I do love my boots!

Since these were taken, I’ve replaced the wig with a “golder” one, and the lining of the cape.



I love this shot. I don’t know why. I  usually like the ones that hide my face more, and the wig looks pretty real there.


Finally got more photos of my updated Maller, only 4 years after first wearing her!! These photos were taken at Katsucon 2011!
The lovely Valface wore her Urd!