Meaw, wannabe Vocaloids!

My friend PixieKitty brought these potential costumes to my attention after finding an adorable music video on YouTube: Meaw! They’re cat girls who happen to look JUST LIKE Luka and Miku, singing a very cute Vocaloid like song. I fell in love with these pretty quickly!

I do have to say sewing these dresses was surprisingly difficult, considering some of the other costumes I’ve made. Both of us got incredibly frustrated and started over from scratch. But I’m so happy with how they turned out! I want to eat my wig, it’s the most delicious color of candy fuschia I’ve ever seen :3

We’ll definitely be wearing these again!!

Photos by Slave_to_Anime!!



Thank you SO MUCH, Jason, for such wonderful pictures, and Jamie for 
getting me in this! I can’t  wait to wear it again, it’s too fun and colorful!!