Misato Katsuragi of Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato Katsuragi Is a woman with a lot of sides. She’s natually a happy, energetic person, but she
wasn’t always so. Her father saved her at the age of 14 at the cost of his own life, and for 2 years
Misato remained speechless at a mental hospital…one day she awoke from her state, and made up
for lost time and then some.

She is 29 years old, and is Commanding Operations Manager (and later Major) at Nerve. Her brilliant
tactical mind at work, fueled by her hatred of Angels, is mirrored by her loud and silly behavior off
the job. Misato LOVES her beer, has a pet penguin (Penpen) she rescued from a science lab,
probably doesn’t have a personal budget, and is a terror behind the wheel of a car. She also
genuinely cares for the children under her care, though her ways of helping them come out of thier
shells can be questionable at times!

This was such an easy cosplay, and i’m totally in love with it, i’m wearing it to alot of conventions sometime, probably more than one. I purchased this from someone who ended up not wanting it, and with alterations its just perfect! I also did an overhaul on the boots..those were furry at one time.

NEW CONVENTION PICTURES/February ’09, Ohayocon!

Leo shot these images…he’s very sweet, talented, 
and patient, I always enjoy working with him!

Henry, who runs ACP, took this one. It’s too fitting.

Giving Ritsie the staredown.

As usual, most of the images from the shoot turned out to be more goofy than serious.

Cassie tried to get romantic on me. It failed!

Then I ran her over.

Not to be outdone, Cassie then ran over Henry.

Judy took this one. I really liked it.

Everything from here down is OLD PHOTOS.


I’ll say it again…AHHH i am so proud of how this wig came out, even moreso since its one i “recycled”.

The cross necklace is the only item she has remaining that was her fathers, he managed to give it to her the last time she saw him. Her only other reminder is a large scar on her torso.

You know…Misato and elevators seem to be a bad combination every time.

This pic is incredibly washed out, but for some reason i still liked it. Its not often i like a pic of me, so 😛

Parking garage? What parking garage!?!

This is a sub-basement at 
Nerve. No, really.

Geebus i thought i resized these smaller..i’m not uploading again >.<..i look like a giant here, sorry.


I think my hair looks a bit “big” here for Misato..it got….foofy…

Misato is quick and deadly when she has to be…i’m just a poser.


 See? I’m just posing again…over there not fooling anyone…



Reanna wore her Miss Kitty, she was so cute!! This was at AUSA ’06.

I almost passed up the DDR room…almost.


A simple shot from Otakon ’06.

This page will be updated whenever 
Misato gets worn to another con!