Misato Katsuragi Plugsuit


I have loved Misato since before I started cosplaying, so I decided to do my 3rd cosplay of her:  an original version of a plugsuit! I know Misato can’t be one of the pilots. I originally wanted to make this to create patterns and figure out the difficulty for making them for clients…and one thing I have to say is, after having made this, I’m really unsure of making them for other people. At least not out of these same fabrics. It took dozens of fittings on myself during construction, there’s still a few things I want to change, and some of the other plugsuit designs are even more complicated. I really love it, though, I look forward to wearing it, more!

citymiskfinal misato1smallweb
Small gallery for now, originally I had hoped to wear this to Anime Milwaukee, and while I brought it, the -20 temperatures had me NOPE that. Wanting to get pics as soon as I got home, it kept getting delayed due to visitors, rainy weather, and simply not having time. Finally, I was able to get pics in a local parking garage. Hopefully I can wear it to a convention soon and get more! 🙂