Nono from Gunbuster2: Diebuster

I love Nono so much. This first set was taken at AUSA ’08, with Gi as my Lark!

…don’t expect a single serious picture with us. We’re jerks when we’re
together. I love her.






Gi is so beautiful!!

Leonard shot this, i love the lighting!

Gi spends a lot of time on my back, 
but she’s so tiny i forget she’s there…

Don’t ask..


She’s so MEAN!!

Josh pops by randomly, but i 
love this picture so much!

I love picking on 
Jessie. Too much.

I love Nono’s little ‘march’ of a walk. She looks all business, and she tries so hard!

I love their tiny ties! Such a cute, stupid, useless accessory!!