War Rig – Fury Road

“Where must we go… we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?”
Mad Max-Fury Road: War Rig is DONE & ready to roll to DragonCon!

This costume (as silly as being a truck is) is really special to me, I put so much love into it. Fury Road is a movie that is REALLY important to me, I got hit with a design for the War Rig while listening to the soundtrack, immediately sketched it a few times, & began collecting stuff to make it. I REALLY wanted to fit it all on and get some test shots before DC, so a big thanks to Rob Somers Photography for fitting in a FAST shoot at a construction digging site we ninja’d onto for this!!!

I tried to make sure every part of it tied in with the truck in some way, and also tied in some aspects of Furiosa since they are an inseparable force during the movie:
•Boots are obviously the thick treaded tires. Added the spikes to the toes, heels, & thighs bc the tires have the harsh metal defensive spikes on the rims
•Full ballgown style train 7 feet long to emulate the long trailer of the truck, rust colored dupioni silk (which hurt to burn & cut holes into), lined in a sheer chiffon black equally tattered.
•On the train I added spiraling tattered rust & black trails that replicate the way the metal jagged spirals around the trailer of the truck.
•Cow Catcher! Obviously the cow catcher that sits in the very front of the WR was the “corset”, I made this from foam and thibra!
•The belt is Furiosa’s belt, Immortan Joe’s emblem with the chains that hang from it.
•For the boobs I went with a chrome texture that got as close to the perforated chrome metal of the upper exhausts of the War Rig
•Right arm is her femur gear shift that has the rusted, rough blade hidden in it, easy to get to! 

•Left arm is the “Phantom skeleton arm” Furiosa herself painted on the War Rig as her missing left arm is a fixation of hers (stated in the creation of/artbooks)
•The groups of spikes & skulls on the front and rear ends of the trailer are worn on my shoulders and rump!
•The cowcatcher and spikes, as well as the belt buckle are all made of Thibra! I posted some how-tos along the way!
•I thought about doing no hair like Furiosa, but then realized that would bring the costume too close to her & ppl would think I’m doing a weird version of her entirely instead of the truck, so went with black chopped hair, with the chrome feathers on one ear to look a little like the tall exhausts on the top of the cab.
•There’s a few other little movie bonuses hidden on the costume hardcore fans will get. I’m so stupid happy with how this turned out and I kind of just want to make this my daily outfit.

These photos were taken by Rob Somers Photo at a construction site we found! All others were taken at DragonCon!

I love wearing this, it may be my favorite thing I’ve made. Definitely will be worn a lot more!