Penthesileia of Persona 3

This was a suggestion by Miko and the WeGo4Kyo girls at DragonCon ’07, as they were planning a Persona group, and I was onboard immediately. I loved the design and chose this one right away.

I didn’t start it until a month or so before Dragoncon ’08, probably not my smartest move ever, but hey, it got done on time. There’s a few little things i’ll fix on it before wearing it again, but isn’t that always the case?

Persona 3 is, in a nutshell, a game where angsty teenagers shoot themselves in the head (haha) with special guns, and summon their ‘ids and egos’ in monster form, to fight each other and other enemies.

Penthesileia is summoned by Mitsuru, a firey and serious redhead. With issues, clearly.




This was a quick picture taken 2 days before the con, i just wanted to try it 
all on and make sure it worked out ok.

I climbed up on top of the roof of my truck for this. Yeesh.

These photos were taken by 
LJinto at AWA ’09!

I went and stood in the musuem for a few minutes 
hoping to scare someone, but alas, didn’t happen.

Tip toe, through the tulips….

I don’t know. I skipped on the way back to the room. 
Leo found it funny enough to take a pic.

End story.

Poor Pentheseleia.

There are more pics of me doing 
stupid stuff like this in my galleries 
than serious. This is very telling of 

Definitely a fav on this page, though it’s after the shoot.

I had already taken off the gloves and helmet, and Leo yelled “HOLD IT!” 
and snapped this. I love it so much.

These are older photos, taken back at 
DragonCon 2008!

Miko built herself an amazing Persona that mounted on her back!!

Allison is on the right, she helped dress me in that thing in the lobby…those girls are angels!!

Miko is so cool in that my brain bleeds.

Also, i need to fix that flat part on my ass armor, it got a bit bent in transit to the con!! HAHA!