Pokemon Gijinka–Charizard!

This was a simple group thing started out by a friend, based upon
the designs found HERE…basically, human versions of Pokemon.

It seemed so silly, and very easy to do, so i jumped right on. I love
Charizard, but his human was male…so i made up my own girl to go
with it, and put Matt in the male version!

This took very little work (obviously), and was fun and comfy! Will
probably wear this again, SO MANY PEOPLE have made these,
there’s hundreds out there now!

New photos added at bottom half of page!


We found more Pokemon! The pretty girl in 
front in the orange kimono started all of this!

These photos were from OhayoCon ’09! We 
had a much bigger group this time!

I liked this shot!

Miko is so adorable it hurts.

We are a very colorful lot.

A trainer happened upon us.

Honestly, we’re a hopeless lot.

KatsuCon ’10

Me and a bunch of friends wore these ridiculous outfits to Katsucon 2010, more stupid fun happened. These are
great casual costumes for hanging out!

A group of friends there surprised me with a Birthday party!  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, fun loving friends!

In this photo is hiding Chris, Jamie, Matt, Lisa, Ryan, another Chris, Melly, Yaya, Lina, Josh, and Miko!

Chris and Lisa!

The pokemon gallery has never been anything but silliness, why stop now?


Is this MySpace? Cause these pictures look about MySpace quality.

…I’m not on MySpace. I hate Myspace.


Maggie and Bianca to the left,Camille and Sarah to the right!

They were in heels, I was in flat boots. I’m still too tall.


My favorite picture from the night…me and Jamie, being idiots as usual.

I think this was the first picture on my FaceBook after I got back from the convention.

My friends are the best.